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  [1]   From:    Jacob Johanssen <jacob at cyborgsubjects.org>                (15)
        Subject: Cyborg Subjects #1 on Wikileaks now live!

  [2]   From:    Rebecca Welzenbach <rwelzenb at umich.edu>                   (43)
        Subject: JEP 14.1 available online

  [3]   From:    "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <cwbailey at digital-               (35)
        Subject: Google Books Bibliography, Version 7

        Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 22:05:45 +0100
        From: Jacob Johanssen <jacob at cyborgsubjects.org>
        Subject: Cyborg Subjects #1 on Wikileaks now live!

Wikileaks: Journalism, Politics and Ethics

We are happy to anounce the launch of the first volume of "Cyborg Subjects:
Discoures on Digital Culture"! Papers and essays on "Wikileaks: Journalism,
Politics and Ethics" are now online available at www.cyborgsubjects.org

"Cyborg Subjects" offers a radical and new review system. We believe that
knowledge should be free and that the process of knowledge production should
not be obfuscated by the less transparent, “knowledge is power” peer review
system associated with traditional academic journals. Therefore, all reviews
are posted as comments by the members of our editorial board. Everyone is
encouraged to engage in the ensuing discussion and to comment on the
review, as well as on other individuals’ (potential) reactions to the

Feel free to visit www.cyborgsubjects.org to find out more!
You can also find us on Facebook (http://fb.com/cyborgsubjects) and Twitter

        Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 19:52:44 +0100
        From: Rebecca Welzenbach <rwelzenb at umich.edu>
        Subject: JEP 14.1 available online

Dear subscribers,

I'm pleased to announce that JEP 14.1 has now been published. This issue
is guest-edited by
Kevin Hawkins, head of digital publishing production at the University of
Michigan Library, and focuses on the theme of standards in the publishing

The new issue features seven contributions related to the
theme of standards, as well as a book review by John Warren and a
follow-up to an article published in volume 13,"The Short-Term Influence
of Free Digital Versions of Books on Print Sales"
(http://dx.doi.org/10.3998/3336451.0013.101), by John Hilton III and David

The new issue is available at
http://www.journalofelectronicpublishing.org/. Please check it out, and
share widely!

The contents of the new issue are as follows:
* A Note from the Guest Editor, Kevin S. Hawkins

* The Value of Standards in Electronic Content Distribution: Reflections
on the Adoption of NISO Standards, Todd Carpenter

* Why Standardization Efforts Fail, Carl F. Cargill

* 'More What You'd Call 'Guidelines' Than Actual Rules' : Variation in the
Use of Standards, Sheila M. Morrissey

* Why Create a Customization of a Standard? An ACS Case Study, Dan
O'Brien, Jeff Fisher, and D.J. Haines

* NISO Z39.96 The Journal
Article Tag Suite (JATS): What Happened to the NLM DTDs?, Jeff Beck

* Fighting Complexity in EPUB 3: Modularization and Delegation, Keith
Fahlgren (http://dx.doi.org/10.3998/3336451.0014.107)

* Identifier and Metadata Standards for e-Commerce—Responding to Reality
in 2011, Mark Bide (http://dx.doi.org/10.3998/3336451.0014.108)

* Free E-Books and Print Sales, John Hilton III and David Wiley

* Summit or Abyss, John Warren

Best wishes,

Rebecca Welzenbach,
Managing Editor, JEP

        Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 23:21:53 +0100
        From: "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <cwbailey at digital-scholarship.com>
        Subject: Google Books Bibliography, Version 7

Digital Scholarship has released version 7 of the Google
Books Bibliography, which presents over 325 selected
English-language articles and other works that are useful in
understanding Google Books.  It primarily focuses on the
evolution of Google Books and the legal, library, and social
issues associated with it, especially the Google Book
Settlement.  To better show the development Google Books, it
is now organized by year of publication.  It primarily
includes journal articles, e-prints, magazine articles, and
newspaper articles.  This version expands coverage of law
review articles and legal e-prints. Where possible, links
are provided to works that are freely available on the


The following recent Digital Scholarship publications may
also be of interest:

o Digital Curation and Preservation Bibliography 2010.
Presents over 500 English-language works. http://bit.ly/hPJwm0

o Institutional Repository Bibliography, Version 4. Presents
over 500 English-language works. http://bit.ly/B0Xsf

o Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography 2010.
Presents over 3,800 English-language works. http://bit.ly/ekSPYj

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traduire, tradurre, traduzir, or ubersetzen):



Best Regards,

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Publisher, Digital Scholarship

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