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        Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 22:40:04 -0400
        From: Alan Galey <galey.lists at gmail.com>
        Subject: iPad app development within DH communities

Hello all,

This question may be premature, with the iPad having been on the
market only a few months now, but I've been wondering if any iPad apps
designed within the digital humanities community might be on the
horizon. To be specific, I'm wondering about iPad apps similar to
Zotero -- similar not in terms of purpose and functionality, but in
terms of having their genesis *within* an academic DH community, not
with companies that market their products *to* scholars. I realize
this distinction gets fuzzy, but I hope the gist of my question is

For example, the pdf reading app iAnnotate was co-designed by Stephen
Hockema, a colleague at U Toronto's iSchool, and embodies many
discussions about things like form, content, and trust in classrooms
and colloquia here in Toronto. I imagine Zotero and Omeka had similar
origins as web tools in the community at George Mason U. As much as we
seek generalizability in the tools we build, those tools are sometimes
marked by the very specific intellectual contexts and research
programs from which they emerged. That may not make those tools any
more useful, strictly speaking, but I think it makes them more

Is anyone else currently developing an iPad app with similar origins
in a DH community of some kind?

All best,

Alan Galey

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