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        Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 15:12:16 +0200
        From: Jan Kroeze <jan.kroeze at gmail.com>
        Subject: New: The Journal of Humanities and Information Systems

Dear colleagues

It is my pleasure to announce a new journal, published by IBIMA, that will
cater for articles in the interdisciplinary field of Information Systems and
the Humanities (JHIS). This is a call for submissions for the first edtion
of JHIS.


The Journal of Humanities and Information Systems (JHIS) is an international
peer reviewed and applied research journal that publishes papers on the
symbiotic relationship between the two disciplines of Information Systems
and the Humanities. Its unique focus will be research on Humanities-enriched
IS, but other Humanities-Computing papers and case studies will also be
considered. All papers will be subjected to a multiple blind peer review
process. Papers should contribute to the existing body of knowledge of the
domain in terms of theory and/or practice.


JHIS aims to create an international forum to discuss and evaluate studies
that implement theoretical constructs borrowed from the Humanities in
various aspects of Information Systems, as well as investigations regarding
the application of information technology in the Humanities. The creation of
publication opportunities for research with refreshing angles, some borrowed
from other sciences, is a conscious effort to share interest and useful
research and to counteract rigid procedures that are "stifling the
intellectual advancement of our discipline" (Shoib and Nandhakumar, 2009).


Topics of interest for this journal include, but are not limited to, the
following list:

* Linguistics and Information Systems

* History and Information Systems

* Art and Information Systems

* Philosophy and Information Systems

* Law and Information Systems

* Hermeneutics and Information Systems


Since there still are limited publication opportunities for Information
System scientists (cf. Straub, 2009:v) in comparison with some other older,
well-established disciplines, new opportunities should be embraced and used
in order to build our discipline. Therefore, our colleagues are invited to
submit some of their research outputs to this new outlet.


Please let me know if you would be interested to become an associate editor
or peer reviewer of JHIS.
 The editors and reviewers of JHIS should be like diamond miners taking a
positive view while looking for "exciting forays into new research domains"
(Straub, 2009:vii). The general aim in the review processes of this new
journal will be to be inclusive and developmental rather than to perform "a
modern hygiene ritual", because we agree with Wastell and MacMaster
(2008:64) that "a high rejection rate implies a collective failure of
scholarship not the intellectual prosperity of a field".

For more information about the journal and submissions, see

Jan H. Kroeze, School of Computing, University of South Africa

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