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        Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 05:46:27 -0700 (PDT)
        From: Laval Hunsucker <amoinsde at yahoo.com>
        Subject: Doctoral study opportunities abroad
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( Dear list-participants,
I call attention to the following simply as a sort of 'community
service'. )

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Here is an initiative which presumably deserves broad
publicity in academic circles outside Germany, e.g. via this
list -- though ( disclaimer ! : )  I am not myself connected
with the matter in any way [ except coincidentally as, thanks
to the DAAD, a former "Doktorandus" myself, long ago, in
that country ] :

I came today across this announcement which was just
published yesterday, and is perhaps worth noting in
connection with possibilities for advanced study also in
our fields of interest :

"Promotionsdatenbank -- Gewinnung von Doktoranden aus
dem Ausland :  Neues Web-Angebot des DAAD"


You may find this to be pertinent and potentially useful,
among other things, when it comes to advising promising
students who are thinking of pursuing the doctorate
elsewhere than in their country of origin ( with the exception,
of course, of those from Germany ).

The site itself, "PhDGermany - Die Vermittlungsplattform
zum Promovieren und Forschen in Deutschland" is at :


The offerings on this new site are at this point not terribly
numerous, I see, but one would think that the number may
increase substantially once it catches on.

- Laval Hunsucker
  Knokke-Heist, België

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