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[The following is in response to Humanist 24.418, which in quotation
was so badly messed up that I have deleted it. --WM]

Dear Seth,

I would suggest Connexions, a project at Rice University http://cnx.org/ 
On top of existing tutorials on XML, you and your students can create a 
collection (sort of a book, course, report, etc.), which is made out of 
small XML-chunks called "modules." The good thing about this approach, is 
that you reuse existing modules in connexions. Similarly, you make your 
modules available for reuse to anyone in connexions. Since your students 
are in Information Science/Digital Humanities, maybe they can create a 
collection on a particular topic in any of these domains, each student or  
group can be in charge of one module. Keeping the modules consistent and 
integrating them at the end will allow your students to work 
collaboratively in an Open Educational Resource (OER's) model.

You may find more information here:

Also, browse the site to have a better idea what materials have been 
published (arts, humanities, mathematics and statistics, science and 
technology, and social sciences), and the variety of languages available.


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