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        Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2010 18:17:27 -0400
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        Subject: New discussion list for JATS/NLM tag set


I was asked to forward this (with apologies for cross-posting):


JATS-List is the open forum for the discussion of the JATS - the 
Journal Article Tag Suite. The JATS is also known as:

  - NLM's Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite,
  - the NLM DTDs, the NLM journal article models, and
  - NISO's Standardized Markup for Journal Articles

JATS provides a common XML format for preserving the intellectual 
content of journal articles, independent of the form in which that 
content was originally delivered.

JATS-List hosts discussion on the Journal Article Tag Suite itself; 
JATS applications, implementations, and customizations; and JATS user 
questions. JATS-List is open to everyone: users and developers, 
experts and novices alike.

Read about JATS-List at: http://www.mulberrytech.com/JATS/JATS-List/index.html
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