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Hello Willard,

Though not a dissertation, I am currently completing a post-doc in digital humanities for a project on Proust and ecclesiastical architecture that began as a side project while in graduate school. The Ecclesiastical Proust Archive (http://proustarchive.org) combines a close reading of the church motif in À la recherche du temps perdu with the architecture of a multimedia search engine. For Proust’s narrator, churches constitute an archival site where the strands of local and national memory converge with personal memory, embodying the novel’s central theme of Lost Time. The purpose of my archive has been to examine the church motif for a comprehensive view of the internal relationships of Proust's narrative and the meta-critical operations in the interpretation of text and image (each passage is illustrated). In collaboration with several units at the University of Illinois, I am starting to expand the project to turn the entire, original French text and its English translations into a testbed for text mining, visualization, and network analysis. In that way, my particular activities for a study of the church motif, which will eventually form a monograph, will constitute one particular application within an electronic research environment containing other scholars’ efforts. My hope is that the project will open a window onto theories of digital textuality, print-to-digital editing, the archive, modernism, and the novel.

Thanks, and I hope this helps.

Jeff Drouin
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities and Visiting Assistant Professor of French
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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