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3rd International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology
and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation


23th – 25th June 2011


On behalf of the Organisation Comittee of the 3rd International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0, it is a pleasure to invite colleagues from all over the World to come to La Rinconada, Seville, Spain, from 23th to 25th June, 2011. This will be the third International meeting held in Spain, where researchers from Archaeology and Graphics fields will work together on Virtual Archaeology, concerning all its posibilities. We count on the participation of well-known researchers on this field and we hope to share a memorable meeting with all attendants.

The modern Cultural Center of Villa de La Rinconada and its Conference Hall has been chosen again to host archaeologists, historians, researchers, 3D developers, graphics programmers and students. Besides, we are glad to invite research groups, companies and institutions working on archaeology field, applied infography and valorization of cultural heritage by means of digital graphic tools.

This event is being organised by the Spanish Society of Virtual Archaeology. S.E.A.V., in cooperation with twenty research groups of Spanish universities as well as fifteen companies from this field.

ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0 will analize both the present and future of reconstruction and computer aided render techniques, applied to archaeological heritage and culture. The main aim is to offer an updated overview about the Archeology of XXI Century: research and development on virtual archaeology, performed and planned projects, new render techniques, development of innovative methods and procedures.

Besides, it is also important to provide both the scientific community and the related companies with a suitable meeting point, in order to share the latest research projects and professional frameworks. Thus, ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0 is the place to exchange ideas and information, as well as seek for cooperation and chances of participation in common projects.

The official languages are Spanish, English and Italian. Scientific communications and lectures can be held in any of those three languages. Simultaneous translation into Spanish and English will be provided at all sessions.

Call for Participation

Participants from any discipline are encouraged to contribute in order to create an open forum for knowledge exchange and a fertile environment for discussion relating to the topic of Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation.

Researchers or practitioners are invited to submit papers on original work from within archaeology although contributions are particularly encouraged from other disciplines which address and inform key issues in the context of the following sub-themes:

-          Virtual reconstruction or virtual anastilosys of archaeological heritage

-          Virtual and augmented reality applied to Archaeology
-          3D digitalization of archaeological heritage
-          CAD tools on virtual Archaeology. Render techniques
-          Archaeological prospection and visualization
-          Applied theory of virtual archaeology
-          Virtual Archaeology and museums. Virtual museums and visits

The communications abstracts must fit within 120 text rows, in English or Spanish, including pictures and images.

The complete communication paper will be submitted according to the indications set up by the Scientific Committee, in maximum 6 DIN A4 pages, keeping to the previously delivered document template.

Posters accepted by the Scientific Committee shall be submitted in digital format with a real A1 size.

Abstracts and posters must be submitted to the Secretary by the following email address. The deadline is 1st febrery 2011.

secretaria at arqueologivirtual.com

Acceptance of communication abstracts and posters will be notified to the authors by 1st march. Complete papers must be submitted by 1st april.

Complete posters must be submitted by 1st may.

After given deadlines, non submitted papers or posters will be removed from meeting sessions.


Communication abstracts                  Deadline 1st February 2011
Poster abstracts                                 Deadline 1st February 2011

Communication papers                     Deadline 1st april 2011
Posters                                               Deadline 1st may 2011

3rd International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation
Secretaría SEAV
INNOVA CENTER. European Center for Innovation in Virtual Archaeology
Complejo Educativo Blanco White. Centro de Iniciativas Empresariales CEI. Pabellón 1

Bellavista - Seville - Spain.

Secretaría ARQUEOLOGICA 2.0
C/ Vereda de Chapatales s/n
Centro Cultural de la Villa. San José de La Rinconada
41300 - La Rinconada – Seville - Spain.
Information, applications and participation
E-mail:                                    secretaria at arqueologiavirtual.com<mailto:secretaria at arqueologiavirtual.com>

Web:                                       www.arqueologiavirtual.com<http://www.arqueologiavirtual.com/>
Phone:                                               +34 660 076 053
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3rd International Meeting
on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics,
Cultural Heritage and Innovation
Alfredo Grande

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