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        Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 17:10:18 +0100
        From: Anne Bandry <bandry at unistra.fr>
        Subject: Digital Enlightenment


'*Digital Enlignement*' at 13^th International Congress for Eighteenth 
Century Studies
Graz (Austria), 25. - 29. July 2011

This section aims at sharing experience over methodologies of research 
using digital tools to study different aspects of the eighteenth 
century. Participants are invited to present the setting up and the use 
of databases, corpora or other formats for the recording, monitoring 
and/or analysis of various materials: correspondences, essays, 
journalism, fiction, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, travel accounts, 
maps, collections of images or objects, etc. One possible area of 
interest is their evolution over time, as evidenced by changes in the 
representation of cultural, social, literary, scientific phenomena or 
patterns, and the perception of such changes by the producers of the 
material under study or by the twenty-first century researcher. Another 
focus can be the contacts between several geographical zones, for 
example Central, Eastern and Western Europe, or Europe and other 
continents, in particular the means of tracing the dissemination of 
specific ideas, texts, objects over Europe and beyond, through series of 
editions, subscription lists, reproductions, imitations, mentions in 
various media, etc. The portability of databases and corpora, and ways 
in which the material can be enriched as the project develops and 
transferred to other software or media as a protection against 
obsolescence will be of particular interest. Any subject of 18th century 
research is also welcome, provided it makes use of digital tools.

_Languages_: English and French, _Moderator _bandry at unistra.fr

Please contact *bandry at unistra.fr* and/or register directly at

Code of session: CS055

*Deadline for submission of abstract (at least 2500 characters) to 
ISECS: January 31st, 2011*

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