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        Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 00:26:28 -0500
        From: Susan Brown <sbrown at uoguelph.ca>
        Subject: Sustaining DH for Sustainable Culture

Dear Colleagues,

Sustaining Digital Scholarship for Sustainable Culture project is a 
Knowledge Synthesis on the Digital Economy project funded by the 
Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.  The aim of 
this short-term project is to identify strategies for maintaining the 
vitality of humanities scholarship and the cultural sector by means of 
electronic scholarly activity.

Drawing on previous work, including national and international research 
and white papers, we are considering what existing and emergent 
strategies, initiatives, funding structures, policies, and partnerships 
are most suitable for sustaining digital scholarship and cultural 
heritage materials. We are assessing the role that humanities 
scholarship has played in fostering digital content creation in and 
beyond Canada, the strengths and weaknesses of the various models used 
to date, and the potential of current and emergent models for fostering 
diversity of digital content.

It's a huge topic, of course, and we're on a very tight timeline: the 
project was funded in late summer and we will be submitting a white 
paper to SSHRC by Dec. 1 of this year.

I'm writing to ask for the assistance of the DH community. We have 
largely completed our literature review, which has been necessarily 
selective, and are working towards the white paper. We would welcome any 
input on sources we have overlooked that are relevant to our topic. I 
want to ask for help in one area in particular, though. We have found 
very little literature on the spin-off impacts of humanities research 
and its role in promoting the arts. Studies of the economic impacts for 
the arts of humanities scholarship, traditional and digital, seem very 
hard to come by. Stan Ruecker, a member of our team, raised early on the 
project blog the problematic nature of measuring or defining value 
solely in these terms, so we're keen to identify other ways that the 
value of scholarship to the arts has been defined and articulated, and 
there are some good articulations of this. However, since this program 
arises from SSHRC's engagement with the current debate in Canada 
regarding the knowledge economy, we are also interested to know of any 
studies that take an economic perspective.

We have a public Zotero group for gathering and annotating relevant 
resources at 

We also have a project blog at  
http://sustainableknowledgeproject.blogspot.com/ (though we are not very 
accomplished bloggers, I'm sorry to say).

We would welcome contributions to either of these, to this list (if 
appropriate), or by way of email. If you want to offer suggestions 
off-list, please email me at sbrown at uoguelph.ca.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give, particularly on the link 
between humanities/DH and the arts.

Susan Brown,
for the Sustaining Digital Scholarship for Sustainable Culture group
sbrown at uoguelph.ca

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