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        Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 14:57:32 -0400
        From: Vivian Tsang <vtsang at hollandbloorview.ca>
        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 24.458 jobs: at Stanford, at Ryerson
        In-Reply-To: <20101103084736.933AB98E0F at woodward.joyent.us>

My reaction was exactly the same when I looked at the posting. My graduate
training is entirely about processing text corpora and my current work is to
develop technology to facilitate the process of reading and writing. But
English? How many people have this kind of profile?

Vivian Tsang
Post-doc fellow
Bloorview Research Institute
vtsang at hollandbloorview.ca


>        Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 07:38:59 -0400
>        From: jeremy hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu>
>        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 24.456 Job at Ryerson
>        In-Reply-To: <20101102104732.A965997B08 at woodward.joyent.us>
> I like Ryerson and have many friends there, i even have an affiliation
> there with one of their labs working in Virtual Worlds.  I think two phrases
> in the call are putting people off a bit and  'subject to budgetary
> approval'  and 'literary studies' .  I have a feel for what digital
> humanities is, but I don't actually know whether or not which works fit into
> literary studies, though I am almost certain that none of my published works
> would fit there, though many of my projects could.   So when I read this
> call, I said, ok, they are going to hire a textualist from Vancouver or
> someone from the Nebraska workshops doing TEI, they want
> 'discipline:english' as does the chicago call, as did the columbia call.   I
> think this is something that people need to pay attention in calls much more
> often, calls are frequently highly disciplined in ways that preclude good
> applicants from applying.    There aren't that many people out there on the
> one hand, I think I could say around 2000-4000 that could go on the market
> for assistant jobs worldwide would be my guess, and there are a probably a
> few thousand that could apply for a job like this, but out of a few
> thousand, narrow the discipline to English and the number drops
> precipitously, then only those that imagine their work to be literary
> studies, well then what do you have maybe 50 that could legitimately fit of
> which maybe 1/2 will apply, combine that with the population that won't fit,
> but will apply to just about anything, which is a very large population, but
> is probably 100 more applications.  Several people have sent me this app and
> said, you should apply anyway, and I say reading the advertisement... 'It
> doesn't look like a good fit.', and I think many possible applicants are in
> the same boat.  Advertisements in digital humanities frequently read 'want
> someone in English' or 'want someone in history', and rarely do they read
> 'we want someone that can work in digital humanities across and through
> multiple disciplines.

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