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        Subject: GLIMPSE vol 2.4 Cosmos - the history and technology of seeing beyondEarth's atmosphere

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GLIMPSE journal vol 2.4, winter 2009/2010 now available

The Cosmos issue examines the history and technology of seeing beyond
Earth's atmosphere. March 2010 is the 400th anniversary of Galileo
Galilei's publication of the first printed treatise on celestial
observations. If Galilei were alive today, we suspect he would be
collaborating with these innovative stargazers...

Dimming the Lights: Astronomy and light pollution
Scott Kardel, Palomar Observatory, CalTech

What the Wise Men Saw In the Sky
Michael R. Molnar, astronomer & historian

Maya Ethnoastronomy
Susan Milbrath, ethnoastronomer, Florida Museum of Natural History

The Chemical Elements in the Cosmos - a redesign of the Periodic Table
of Elements
Katharina Lodders, astrochemist, Washington University

Exploring Mars and the Moon Using Google Earth
Ross A. Beyer, SETI Institute

The Use of Color In Interstellar Message Design
Kimberly A. Jameson & Jon Lomberg
cognitive scientist, University of California, Irvine; Carl Sagan's
principal artistic collaborator and Design Director for NASA's Voyager
Interstellar Record

Seeing Titan: Mapping Saturn's moon with infrared technology
Jason W. Barnes, physicist, University of Idaho

RetroSpect: 1880-1911 - Williamina Fleming Cataloged the Stars
Glimpse's Carolyn Arcabascio

RetroSpect: 1757 - The Aerial Telescope

Seeing the Universe Through a Straw: The Hubble Space Telescope
Glimpse's Christie Marie Bielmeier

$25 Million a Ride: A real view of space tourism
C.J. Wallington, Rochester Institute of Technology

Unberührtes Muster (Pristine Patterns)
Glimpse's Staff Poet, Arto Vaun

(Re)Views: From A Trip to the Moon (1902) to Moon (2009)
Ivy Moylan, Brattle Film Foundation



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Glimpse | the art + science of seeing
A quarterly, interdisciplinary journal examining visual perception
and its implications for being, knowing, and constructing our world(s)

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