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  [1]   From:    Amanda French <amanda at amandafrench.net>                   (19)
        Subject: Announcing THATcamp

  [2]   From:    Amanda French <amanda at amandafrench.net>                   (65)
        Subject: Applications open for One Week | One Tool -- A Digital
                HumanitiesBarn Raising

  [3]   From:    Luis Gutierrez <luisgutierrez at peoplepc.com>              (125)
        Subject: Conference on Digital Cultural  Heritage

  [4]   From:    Kevin Hawkins <k.hawkins at DHO.IE>                          (39)
        Subject: Symposium on TEI and Scholarly Publishing * Dublin, Ireland
                * 28April 2010

  [5]   From:    Emily Cullen <e.cullen at RIA.IE>                            (71)
        Subject: Notice of Workshop on E-Publishing and Digital

        Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 12:50:10 -0500
        From: Amanda French <amanda at amandafrench.net>
        Subject: Announcing THATcamp

The Humanities and Technology Camp, better known as THATcamp, will be 
held for the third time on *May 22-23, 2010*. THATCamp is a 
user-generated “unconference” on digital humanities organized and hosted 
by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. 
Deadline for applications is *March 15*.

According to Wikipedia, an unconference is “a conference where the 
content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants, 
generally day-by-day during the course of the event, rather than by one 
or more organizers in advance of the event.” An unconference is not a 
spectator event. Participants in an unconference are expected to present 
their work, share their knowledge, and actively collaborate with fellow 
participants rather than simply attend.

For more information and to apply, see http://thatcamp.org.

Amanda French
amanda at amandafrench.net


        Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 12:55:21 -0500
        From: Amanda French <amanda at amandafrench.net>
        Subject: Applications open for One Week | One Tool -- A Digital HumanitiesBarn Raising

Generously funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, One Week 
| One Tool is a unique summer institute, one that aims to teach 
participants how to build an open source digital tool for humanities 
scholarship by actually building a tool, from inception to launch, in a 

During the week of *Sunday July 25 – Saturday July 31, 2010*, the Center 
for History and New Media at George Mason University will bring together 
a group of twelve digital humanists of diverse disciplinary backgrounds 
and practical experience to build something useful and usable. A short 
course of training in principles of open source software development 
will be followed by an intense five days of doing and a year of 
continued remote engagement, development, testing, dissemination, and 
evaluation. Comprising designers and developers as well as scholars, 
project managers, outreach specialists, and other non-technical 
participants, the group will conceive a tool, outline a roadmap, develop 
and disseminate an initial prototype, lay the ground work for building 
an open source community, and make first steps toward securing the 
project’s long-term sustainability.

One Week | One Tool is inspired by both longstanding and cutting-edge 
models of rapid community development. For centuries rural communities 
throughout the United States have come together for “barn raisings” when 
one of their number required the diverse set of skills and enormous 
effort required to build a barn—skills and effort no one member of the 
community alone could possess. In recent years, Internet entrepreneurs 
have likewise joined forces for crash “startup” or “blitz weekends” that 
bring diverse groups of developers, designers, marketers, and financiers 
together to launch a new technology company in the span of just two 
days. One Week | One Tool will build on these old and new traditions of 
community development and the natural collaborative strengths of the 
digital humanities community to produce something useful for humanities 
work and to help balance learning and doing in digital humanities training.

*Who should apply?*

Scholars, students, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, 
developers, designers, hackers, bloggers, sys admins, outreach 
coordinators, community builders, project managers, fundraisers, and 
anyone else with an interest in building scholarly software. No specific 
qualifications (e.g. a higher degree or particular skill set) are 
required. But we are looking to assemble a cohesive group of twelve 
talented and accomplished people who together will possess the entire 
range of skills necessary to conceive, manage, build, and disseminate a 
tools project. Given the importance of intra-team dynamics and 
self-initiative to the success of any open source project—especially at 
its inception—we will also be looking for evidence of teamwork, 
patience, flexibility, and resourcefulness (such as a history of picking 
up a programming language on one’s own) in assessing applications for 
One Week | One Tool. Accepted participants will receive travel, lodging, 
per diem, a small stipend, and a practical education in open source 
scholarly software development from the organizers of THATCamp and the 
makers of Zotero and Omeka.

*How do I apply?*

By *March 15, 2010*, please send a two-page C.V. and a brief email to 
info at oneweekonetool (subject line: One Week Application) addressing the 
following: 1) what skills/experiences/interests you think are most 
important to building a successful tool; 2) which of these skills / 
experiences / interests you will bring to the barn raising; and 3) what 
you think you will get out of attending that will help you in future 
pursuits. We apologize in advance that space is limited to 12 participants.

#oneweek #buildsomething


Amanda French
amanda at amandafrench.net


        Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2010 19:55:02 -0500
        From: Luis Gutierrez <luisgutierrez at peoplepc.com>
        Subject: Conference on Digital Cultural  Heritage

This may be of interest ....

EuroMed2010  - Call for Papers

Dedicated to Digital Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries

November 8 - 13th, 2010
Limassol, Cyprus


You are kindly invited to submit a paper to the EUROMED2010 joint
conference which will provide an opportunity to exchange research
results, opinions, experiences and proposals on the best practice and
hi-tech tools from Information and Communications Technology to
document, archive, preserve, manage and communicate Cultural Heritage (CH).
The main goal of the event is not only to illustrate the programs underway
but also excellent work wherever it is located and however it is
supported, in order to promote a common approach to the tasks of e-
documentation of World Cultural Heritage. Furthermore, regional
capacities in the area of Cultural Heritage and IT will be facilitated
in advancing their know-how through the exchange of information and
generation of new ideas and cooperation's, where the world meets the
finger prints of several ancient civilizations on earth.

To reach this ambitious goal the topics covered will include
experiences in the use of innovative recording technologies & methods
and how to take best advantage to integrate the results obtained to
build up new tools and/or experiences as well as improved
methodologies for documenting, managing and communicating CH.

The EuroMed2010 joint event will focus on interdisciplinary and multi-
disciplinary research concerning both cutting edge Cultural Heritage
Informatics and use of technology for the representation,
documentation, preservation, archiving and communication of CH
knowledge. The scope includes standards, metadata and every phase of CH
information technology: initial data capture/digitization, information/data
processing, reconstruction, visualization and documentation as well as
dissemination of results to the scientific and cultural heritage
communities and to the general public (Multilingua, Multimedia Digital
Library). We are also interested in aspects of the wider legal,
IPR and ethical responsibilities of Cultural Heritage Informatics. Research
subjects parallel the interests of  CIPA, ISPRS and EuroMed
including culturally significant monuments, artefacts and sites as
well as the activities of museums, libraries, archives, and
organizations involved with their care.


        Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 15:20:52 +0000
        From: Kevin Hawkins <k.hawkins at DHO.IE>
        Subject: Symposium on TEI and Scholarly Publishing * Dublin, Ireland * 28 April 2010

*Please circulate*

Symposium on TEI and Scholarly Publishing

Wednesday, 28 April 2010
Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

The TEI Council and the Digital Humanities Observatory, a project of the 
Royal Irish Academy, invite you to participate in a one-day Symposium on 
TEI and Scholarly Publishing, to be held 28 April 2010 in conjunction 
with a meeting of the TEI Council. Invited speakers from universities, 
publishing organizations, and private industry will identify current 
difficulties in making publication systems interoperable and identify 
priority actions for the TEI to intervene in this arena.

During the presentations, there will be simultaneous discussion in the 
backchannel #teipublishing and in a publicly readable and editable 
Google Docs file for collaborative identification of priority actions 
for the TEI. To avoid infestation by spambots, we will not include the 
actual URL in announcements. Please type "docs.google.com" into your 
browser and then paste the following after it:


We encourage participation on the backchannel and in this collaborative 
writing exercise by all, even those unable to attend in person.

Registration to attend in person is free but required. For further 
information, please see http://dho.ie/node/673

Kevin Hawkins, MSc (Illinois)
Visiting Metadata Manager
Digital Humanities Observatory
28-32 Pembroke Street Upper
Dublin 2
~ A project of the Royal Irish Academy ~
Web:   dho.ie
Email: k.hawkins at dho.ie
Tel.   +353 1 234 2444
Mobile +353 86 125 1839
Fax    +353 1 234 2400

        Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 11:42:29 +0000
        From: Emily Cullen <e.cullen at RIA.IE>
        Subject: Notice of Workshop on E-Publishing and Digital ScholarlyCommunication

Dear All,

Please find below details of a workshop on e-publishing and digital 
scholarly communication which will take place on Friday, 19th March at 
the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. The event is organised by the Academic 
and National Library Training Co-operative (ANLTC) in association with 
the Library of the Royal Irish Academy.

Workshop Title: E-Publishing and Digital Scholarly Communication

This workshop will offer an insight into current trends, challenges and 
methodologies in e-publishing and highlight future directions in 
scholarly communication. Participants will be informed about innovative 
digital humanities projects currently underway throughout Ireland and 
they will be introduced to the work of the Digital Humanities 
Observatory (DHO), which serves to support and guide these projects. 
Kevin Hawkins, University of Michigan, will share his expertise with 
attendees. He is joined by Dr Susan Schreibman, a leading international 
digital humanities scholar. They will highlight successful and 
unsuccessful e-publishing ventures and the implications of both.  Dr. 
Claire Warwick will discuss research carried out at UCL DIS concerning 
the ways that humanities scholars use digital resources, and she will 
talk about what features they need and what they enjoy or find 
frustrating about them. She will go on to describe how users can, and 
should, be involved in the process of designing digital resources, 
ideally from the beginning of the project. She will look at the lessons 
we can learn from good practice by the builders of well-used resources.
This event is open to anyone interested in the development and 
management of projects in e-publishing and digital humanities.

For further information, please visit the following link on the website 
of the ANLTC:

Course presenters: Dr Susan Schreibman, Director of the DHO;
Kevin Hawkins, Visiting Metadata Manager at the DHO and Electronic 
Publishing Librarian at the University of Michigan;
Dr. Claire Warwick, Director UCL Centre for Digital Humanities Programme 
and Director Electronic Communication and Publishing UCL Department of 
Information Studies



Emily Cullen

Emily Cullen, Ph.D.,
Programme Co-ordinator
Digital Humanities Observatory
28-32 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2

E-mail: e.cullen at ria.ie

-- A Project of the Royal Irish Academy --

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