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        Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 16:23:39 +0000
        From: Emily Cullen <e.cullen at RIA.IE>
        Subject: Irish Resources in the Humanities (IRITH) now hosted by the DHO

IRITH (Irish Resources in the Humanities) is now hosted by the DHO. 
IRITH was developed in 1999 by Dr. Susan Schreibman as a gateway to 
sites on the World Wide Web that contain substantial content in the 
various disciplines of the humanities in the area of Irish Studies.
IRITH includes entries on a broad range of subjects and these are 
categorised under the rubrics of archaeology, architecture, art, 
biographical, film, geography, grants & fellowships, history, Irish 
language, literature and music.

The site conveniently brings together a wealth of diverse material from 
across disciplines and centuries. For example, one can navigate with 
ease from the ‘Lexicon of Old Irish’ to ‘Irish Impressionists Art’ or 
from ‘Celtic Art Cultures’ to ‘Dancing at Lughnasa: The Movie’. The 
site, thus, repays and rewards both the casual browser with an interest 
in Irish culture, and the serious researcher of Irish Studies.

Irish Resources in the Humanities welcomes suggestions for links. To 
conribute, please e-mail details of the site to Dr. Schreibman 
(s.schreibman at ria.ie) or Associate Editor, Dr. Emily Cullen 
(e.cullen at ria.ie). Please include the site name, its URL, and a brief 
abstract in your message.

The site is accessible at: http://irith.org and from the DHO's resources 
page at: http://dho.ie/resources

Emily Cullen, Ph.D.,
Programme Co-ordinator
Digital Humanities Observatory
28-32 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2

E-mail: e.cullen at ria.ie

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