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        Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 13:33:31 +0900
        From: Christian Wittern <cwittern at gmail.com>
        Subject: TEI members meeting 2010:  call for workshop proposals

Call for pre-conference workshop and tutorial proposals

TEI Applied: Digital Texts and Language Resources

2010 Annual Meeting of the TEI Consortium


    * Meeting dates: Thu 11 November to Sun 14 November, 2010
    * Workshop dates: Mon 08 November to Wed 10 November, 2010
    * Workshop proposals due Wed 31 March 2010

Traditionally, the TEI Conference and Members' Meeting has been preceded by
educational or research workshops. The goal of these workshops is to give
members of the TEI community an opportunity to learn more about the use of
the TEI markup under the guidance of experienced instructors and
practitioners. In the past such workshops have ranged from a basic
introduction to the use of TEI markup to more specialized sessions on
specific aspects of the TEI or its use in specific domains. They have ranged
in length from a single morning or afternoon to a maximum of two days.
Workshops are run on a cost-recovery basis: a separate fee is charged of
participants that is intended to cover the costs of running the workshop.

We are now soliciting proposals for workshops for the 2010 Conference and
Members' Meeting, to be held November 8-14 at University of Zadar, Croatia.
Workshops are distinct from other conference activities, such as papers,
sessions, and Special Interest Group meetings and we have tentatively
reserved three days for them. These workshops should be educational in focus
or involve hands-on work with a research problem. They should propose topics
that are likely to be of interest to recognizable segments of the TEI
community. Possible topics include:

    * An Introduction to TEI
    * TEI and libraries
    * Editorial practice and the TEI
    * Extending and customizing the TEI
    * Introduction to the ODD system
    * Using the TEI with other standards and markup languages
    * Images and the TEI
    * Use and development of tools and processes

Proposals addressing other topics are welcome and encouraged. If you are
interested in proposing a workshop for the 2010 Members Meeting and
Conference, please email meeting at tei-c.org by 31 March 2010. Expressions of
interest should include as much as possible of the following information
(the committee is willing to work with proposers in developing their proposals):

    * A proposed topic
    * A rationale explaining why this topic is likely to be of interest to
the TEI community
    * A proposed instructor or slate of instructors including brief
discussion of relevant experience
    * Method of instruction
    * Preferred length for the workshop
    * A preliminary budget of your anticipated costs (if any).
Organisational and infrastructure costs (e.g. coffee breaks and the like)
will be determined later in conjunction with the local organising committee.

Proposals will be evaluated by the program committee primarily on the basis
of their likely appeal to the TEI community, the quality of the proposed
instructors and method of instruction, and cost. The committee will work
with selected organizers after this date to refine the details of their

For the international programm comittee,

Christian Wittern (chair)

 Christian Wittern
 Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
 47 Higashiogura-cho, Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8265, JAPAN

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