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        Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 05:58:27 +1000
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        Subject: antagonistic cooperation

[The following is from Lawrence Alloway, "Design as a human activity", 
in This is Tomorrow (London: Whitechapel Art Gallery, August 9 - 
September 9 1956): 1. This is Tomorrow was one of the very earliest, if 
not the earliest, exhibition to show a connection between computing and 
the arts. I pass it on because as we talk about collaboration as a mode 
of work in the humanities, especially the digital humanities, I think it 
would be wise to consider the experiences of other disciplinary groups, 
especially in the arts and in the sciences.]

> ...it would be realistic to replace the ideal picture of
> collaboration (derived from a rosy fiction of the middle ages) by the
> notion of antagonistic cooperation. The patterns of dominance and
> submission, of prestige and intrigue, that attend every human group
> cannot be suspended from the special world of the arts. This factual
> estimate of the changing patterns of human groups precludes ideal
> solutions of permanent validity.



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