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        Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 17:26:05 +0100
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        Subject: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 35.2 (June 2010)

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 35.2 (June 2010)

Music and the Sciences: Introduction
Wiering, Frans
pp. 103-105(3)

Composing Claims on Musical Instrument Development: A Science and 
Technology Studies' Contribution
Bijsterveld, Karin; Peters, Peter Frank
pp. 106-121(16)

What Constitutes Proof: Challenges in Wind Harmony Music
Stoneham, Marshall; Harker, Tony; Blomhert, Bastiaan; Glen, Nessa
pp. 122-137(16)

A Multimodal Way of Experiencing and Exploring Music
Muller, Meinard; Konz, Verena; Clausen, Michael; Ewert, Sebastian; 
Fremerey, Christian
pp. 138-153(16)

Hearing Voices: Neuropsychoanalysis and Opera
Zuccarini, Carlo
pp. 154-165(12)

The Pleasure of Making Sense of Music
Vuust, Peter; Kringelbach, Morten L.
pp. 166-182(17)

Music and Conflict: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Grant, M.J.; Mollemann, Rebecca; Morlandsto, Ingvill; Christine Munz, 
Simone; Nuxoll, Cornelia
pp. 183-198(16)

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