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        Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 12:56:41 -0400
        From: Dot Porter <dot.porter at gmail.com>
        Subject: DM lunch at DH2010 (London, Wednesday July 7)
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[forwarded from the Digital Medievalist list]

Dear DM Community,

A follow-up to my previous announcement regarding a Digital Medievalist
lunch at DH2010:

Peter Stokes has reserved a table for us at the Edgar Wallace (a link to
google maps is appended below) at 11:30 am on Wednesday, July 7. I'll be by
the DH registration tables from 11: 15 until 11:25 (the Edgar Wallace is
just around the corner). I'll be the one with the baby.

I've already received word from several people who intend to come. If you'd
like to add your name please contact me (dot.porter at gmail.com), but if you
find yourself available on the day please feel free to stop by the Edgar
Wallace and look for us. I expect we'll be there for a while.

Look forward to seeing some of you then!


[A map of the place may be found by googling for "edgar wallace london"; the street address is 40 Essex Street, WC2.]

On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 6:34 PM, Dot Porter <dot.porter at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear DM Community,
> Many of you are aware of the Digital Humanities 2010 conference (to be held
> in London July 7-10), I hope some of you will be there as well. If you're
> curious, here is the website: http://dh2010.cch.kcl.ac.uk/
> We'd like to give DM folks an opportunity to meet informally during the
> conference, so I'm working with Peter Stokes (who won't be able to attend
> the conference, but who lives in London) to organize a lunch on one of the
> days of the conference. It looks like Wednesday will be the best day to
> meet; although it's technically registration day (no sessions until the
> evening keynote and reception following), the other days have association
> AGMs during lunch, and we want to encourage people to attend those if they
> can.
> So...
> If you are going to be at DH2010, and/or if you live in London,
> and if you would like to meet informally with other DMers,
> and if you will be available at lunchtime on Wednesday July 7 (or, if you
> would like to petition that we aim for another day),
> please send me a message at dot.porter at gmail.com to let me know. Peter is
> looking at local venues, but it would help if we could have a rough estimate
> of how many people we might expect.
> Thanks! Hope to see some of you in London soon.
> Dot
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> Dot Porter (MA, MSLS)
> Digital Medievalist, Digital Librarian
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