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  [1]   From:    Julia Flanders <Julia_Flanders at brown.edu>                 (71)
        Subject: Balisage discount for digital humanists

  [2]   From:    Geoffrey Rockwell <geoffrey.rockwell at ualberta.ca>         (15)
        Subject: Day of Digital Humanities

        Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:03:56 -0500
        From: Julia Flanders <Julia_Flanders at brown.edu>
        Subject: Balisage discount for digital humanists

The ACH, ALLC, and SDH-SEMI are very pleased to be co-sponsors of the  
upcoming Balisage conference in August 2010. A detailed call for  
participation is below. As a special benefit, members of all three  
associations will receive a discount of up to US$200 on conference  
registration--just indicate that you are a member when you register.

Balisage offers student support awards; details are available at http://www.balisage.net/special/students.html

This is a wonderful conference in a marvellous city--we encourage you  
to take advantage of the membership discount and attend!

Julia Flanders
on behalf of ACH, ALLC, and SDH-SEMI

Call for Participation
Balisage: The Markup Conference 2010

Got Markup? (of course you do!)

Want to get more out of it? Want to stretch it to the limit? Come to  
Balisage 2010, the peer-reviewed conference that makes you a markup  
geek (or at least feel like one)! Whether you're into theory or  
practice, this is the place to be to find out where the cutting edge  
is-and go beyond it. Balisage looks at every aspect of markup, from  
its theoretical and philosophical underpinnings to the newest and  
coolest ways of applying it to real-world problems.

Got Something To Say About Markup? (of course you do!)

We want to hear from you at Balisage 2010. We welcome submissions on  
any aspect of markup and structured information in theory or practice,  
generic or application specific, including by not limited to:

  * principles for the design, development, and documentation of
    markup vocabularies
  * applications of XML, Topic Maps, and related specifications
  * use or implementation of XSLT, XQuery, XProc, and other tools for
    processing marked up data
  * XML and databases
  * libraries and designs for supporting XML (or other forms of
    descriptive markup) in general-purpose programming languages
  * efficiency in XML processing
  * techniques for quality assurance in markup systems
  * handling overlapping structures in markup
  * alternatives to XML
  * formal models of markup and structured information
  * principles and practice of data validation (including uses of XSD,
    Relax NG, Schematron, and other schema languages)
  * best practice in the organization of XML workflows
  * problems of data longevity and reusability
  * fundamental principles of information structure and organization
  * achieving interoperability in applications of common vocabularies

  Submit full papers in XML to info at balisage.net
  Guidelines, DTDs, schemas, and details at
  Apply to the Peer Review panel

More Information:
  Read about Balisage: http://www.balisage.net
  Sign up for the Markup conference announcement list:
  Follow Balisage on Twitter: http://twitter.com/balisage


  19  March 2010 - Peer review applications due
  16  April 2010 - Paper submissions due
  16  April 2010 - Applications due for student support awards
  20  May 2010 - Speakers notified
   9  July 2010 - Final papers due
   2  August 2010 - Pre-conference Symposium
  3-6 August 2010 - Balisage: The Markup Conference

Help make Balisage your favorite XML Conference. See you in Montréal!

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2010          mailto:info at balisage.net
August 3-6, 2010                               http://www.balisage.net
pre-conference symposium: August 2, 2010              Montreal, Canada

        Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 15:37:32 -0700
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <geoffrey.rockwell at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: Day of Digital Humanities

Day of Digital Humanities

Dear humanists,

I am writing to invite you to participate in the second " Day of DH 2010". 

On March 18, 2010. Individuals in the field or related professions will document the events of their day. We would like to invite you to participate.

We will be treating this project as an online collaborative publication, with each participant as a co-author. The idea is that you will spend one day writing about and taking pictures of what you do as a digital humanist for an online publication that will resemble a collection of blogs of that day. You can learn about last year’s Day of Digital Humanities at:


After the data is collected, everyone will get a chance to link and comment on the journals of others before it is frozen. Perhaps more exciting, though, is the plan to release the raw data (texts and images) for everyone to analyze. (Last year's data is almost ready for distribution.) For those interested in data visualization, this will provide a data set for displaying semantic links between different stories. We will also be providing a live RSS feed for those that want to try visualizations on the day.

If you want to participate we ask that you apply using the online application form at:


We will accept applications up to March 15th, though we would prefer that you apply before so we can set you up.

We hope that this project will be a way to document the variety of what we do in the digital humanities. Your participation would very much be appreciated.


Geoffrey Rockwell


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