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        From: Nianwen Xue <xuen at brandeis.edu>
        Subject: cfp: Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAWIV)
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                               Second Call for Papers

        The Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW IV)

             Held in conjunction with ACL-2010
                              Uppsala, Sweden
                               15-16 July 2010

Linguistic annotation of natural language corpora is the backbone of supervised methods for statistical natural language processing. 
The Fourth LAW will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of innovative research on all aspects of linguistic annotation, 
including the creation/evaluation of annotation schemes, methods for automatic and manual annotation, use and evaluation of annotation
software and frameworks, representation of linguistic data and annotations, etc. As in the past, the LAW will serve as a venue for 
annotation researchers to work towards standardization, best practices, and interoperability of annotation information and software. 
Specifically,the goals of this workshop include:

(1) The exchange and propagation of research results with respect to the annotation, manipulation and exploitation of corpora, taking into
account different applications and theoretical investigations in the field of language technology and research;

(2) Working towards the harmonization and interoperability from the perspective of the increasingly large number of tools and frameworks
that support the creation, instantiation, manipulation, querying, and exploitation of annotated resources;

(3) Pushing the frontier of linguistic annotation and of human language technology by extending the range of linguistic phenomena for which 
reliable annotation techniques exist.

(4)  Working towards a consensus on all issues crucial to the advancement of the field of corpus annotation.


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