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        Subject: Studies in Quantitative Linguistics 5, "Issues in QuantitativeLinguistics"

Just published (Dezember 2009 )

Studies in Quantitative Linguistics 5: "Issues in Quantitative Linguistics"
205 pages, 13 issues
ISBN: 978-3-9802659-9-7

Published by: RAM-Verlag ( www.ram-verlag.de<blocked::http://www.ram-verlag.de/> )
Edited by: Reinhard Köhler

Preface I

Sergey Andreev Lermontov: Dynamics of style 1-9

Sheila Embleton, Dorin Uritescu, Eric S. Wheeler 
Data management and linguistic analysis: Multidimensional scaling applied to Romanian Online Dialect Atlas 10-16

Peter Grzybek, Emmerich Kelih, Ernst Stadlober
Slavic Letter Frequencies: A common discrete model and regular parameter behavior ? 17-33

Reinhard Köhler, Sven Naumann
A contribution to quantitative studies on the sentence level 34-57

Jan Králík
Contemplations on corpus infinity 58-62

Ján Mačutek
Motif richness 63-72

George K. Mikros
Content words in authorship attribution: An evaluation of stylometric features in a literary corpus 73-87

Adam Pawłowski, Maciej Piasecki, Bartosz Broda
Automatic extraction of word-profiles from text corpora. On the example of Polish collective symbols 88-105

Olga Pustylnikov, Karina Schneider-Wiejowski
Measuring morphological productivity 106-125

Petra Steiner
Diversification in Icelandic inflectional paradigms 126-154

Relja Vulanović
Efficiency of flexible parts-of-speech systems 155-175

Shoichi Yokoyama, Haruko Sanada
Logistic regression model for predicting language change 176-192

Thomas Zastrow, Erhard Hinrichs
Quantitative methods in computational dialectometry 193-203

Authors 204-205

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