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        Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 13:06:54 +0100
        From: Daniel Riaño <danielrianno at gmail.com>
        Subject: EndNote vs. Zotero

This is not a technical note on the relative merits of each
reference-management software. For those of you who didn't know
already, Thomson-Reuters, the proprietors of EndNote have filed a
lawsuit against George Mason University, the developers of Zotero. A
full article with links here
 http://madisonian.net/2008/09/28/endnote-v-zotero/ . From the

"The complaint alleges that GMU’s EndNote site license prohibits
reverse engineering the software, and that Zotero was developed in
part by reverse engineering EndNote to determine how Zotero could
convert EndNote’s output styles into Zotero’s output styles." (...)
"Not only does the complaint seek an injunction against further
distribution of Zotero, but it also asks for an injunction that
“terminate[s] the ability of each Zotero user to use and/or further
distribute any .csl style files that were converted from the EndNote
Software’s proprietary .ens style files using Zotero.” "

Sad, very sad.

Daniel Riaño, CSIC, Madrid

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