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Disarmed and charmed too by Prof Corre's analysis of the maths,
historical and contemporary, determining the measurement of time and
times that were and to come, since Adam awoke from his first deep
sleep, I forwarded the essay to friends and scholars.
However charming, and disarming, on second thought it occurred to me
that the thing was a spoof, all dependent upon reasoning that is and
was post hoc, and hence, or ergo propter hoc.
Adam was no Jew.  The old rebs may wish to appropriate him as my and
Mao's Big Daddy-O, our Pater Familias from the getgo.  But his line
vanishes just before Noah drifted off with his entire crew, family,
flocks, schools and tribes and all.  Either that, and most folks are
seriously misled to think all of us have Adam's DNA, and the other
chromosome that somehow Eve took to from that rib.  Apart from the
biology, just fooling, every Bar Mitzvah boy knows that the first Jew
of us all, Bar or Bat Mitsvahed or not, was Abram, aka Abraham.
My father protested when I named our first son Adam.  So the fault is
not in our genes or stars, but in that post hoc assumption.
Am I seconded?
Jascha Kessler
Emeritus Professor of Modern English and American Literature, UCLA

Jascha Kessler
Professor of English & Modern Literature, UCLA
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