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Dear all,

sorry for posting (in fact forwarding) a message not directly related to scholarly issues. It violates the comfort of our autonomous field to remind that some of us and some like us are subject to unprecedented assault against autonomy of research; an assault which, I think, is symptomatic of recent postcommunist misreadings of neoliberal agenda on science and society and which would not end with "reforms" in the South-East corner of Europe.

Please, follow the link for more context.
Yordan Lyutskanov, Sofia

Dear Colleague,

The government of Bulgaria has declared war on the main research centre of 
the country, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and has announced its
intention to, de facto, liquidate it, an unprecedented arbitrary act in its
141-year history. Research funding of the leading university of the country,
Sofia University,  has been also  drastically cut.

In this critical moment, the Bulgarian scholarly community needs your

To support us, please sign and circulate the letter at

Thank you!

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