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        Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 09:19:54 +0200
        From: "Patrik Svensson" <patrik.svensson at humlab.umu.se>
        Subject: Call: Six postdoctoral fellowships in the digital humanities at HUMlab

Six international postdoctoral positions in the digital humanities are now
available at HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden from September 1, 2010 (January
2011 may also be a possibility, please indicate if this is your preference).
The call is open, but 1-3 positions may be allocated to the areas of “media
places, archeological landscape visualization”, and “internet and
religion. There are no teaching requirements associated with any of the

HUMlab is an internationally recognized center for the humanities and
information technology. Much of the work takes place in a 5,300 square feet
studio space at the center of the university and in different kinds of
digital and hybrid environments. HUMlab is based on a double affiliation
model where much of the work is done in close collaboration with the
humanities (or other) departments. HUMlab offers an open, friendly, creative
and intellectually rich milieu for doing work in the humanities and
information technology.

The fellowships are for one year. Applications should include a description
of an envisioned postdoctoral year-long project.

Call announcement: http://blog.humlab.umu.se/?p=1882
Call: http://blog.humlab.umu.se/postdoc2010
Deadline: May 20, 2010.

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