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        Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 18:31:16 -0400
        From: Susan Brown <sbrown at uoguelph.ca>
        Subject: image transposition on the web

Does anyone know of any useful work (formal or informal) about the  
transposition of meaning in digital media through the  
recontextualization of a digital image? I have a graduate student who  
wants to consider the movement of meaning both in the works of John  
Cayley and on websites such as Tumblr and Ffffound, which reproduce  
and reframe already existent images, and he's been having difficulty  
finding material with which to frame his argument. Any suggestions of  
analyses that might be helpful, including work on mashups or phenomena  
such as reblogging/retweeting, would be very welcome, as would  
considerations of the reproduction of images on the web. He's  
interested in considering the transposition of meaning as the site of  
meaning itself.

Many thanks,

Susan Brown
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