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Dear Willard et al.

I could not resist to send you a quote from Deleuze/Guatari: <The rhizome is
an a centered, nonhierarchical, nonsignifying system without a general and
without an organizing memory or central automation, defined solely by a
circulation of states> (ATPC 23).

I do agree in particular with your beautiful metaphor: <The point, I'd
think, is in the process, the travelling around, not in achieving total
indistinguishability from the natives.>. For my part, I envisage my
experience in AI fields as an anthropologist, or better, as the old
sixteenth century Portuguese used to call their translators, a <lingua> - a
tongue. The most important thing, in my perspective, is not to do what they
can do better than us, but to understand the possibilities that their work
offers to ours; find the bridges; and, knowing what they can or are doing,
we will be better equipped to know what else to ask, and how to ask them.
And who needs coherence having the <rhizome>?


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