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  [1]   From:    "institut at uvic.ca" <institut at uvic.ca>                     (46)
        Subject: cfp: DHSI 2010 Graduate Student Colloquium

  [2]   From:    Katina Michael <katina at uow.edu.au>                        (41)
        Subject: cfp: IEEE ISTAS 2010 : The Social Implications of
                EmergingTechnologies (NSW, Australia)

        Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 01:54:19 +0100
        From: "institut at uvic.ca" <institut at uvic.ca>
        Subject: cfp: DHSI 2010 Graduate Student Colloquium

Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2010
Graduate Student Colloquium
June 8-11, 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: The DHSI will be sponsoring its second annual graduate
student colloquium in June 2010. Graduate students attending the Institute
are invited to participate in the 2010 colloquium entitled "Making
Connections: Emerging Scholars in the Digital Humanities."

Abstracts are now being accepted for presentations focusing on all aspects
of graduate student research in the digital humanities, including, but not
limited to, the graduate student's role in personal and institutional
research projects, tool application and development, perspectives on
digital humanities implications for their own research and pedagogy, etc.

The colloquium begins on the second day of the Summer Institute and takes
place over four days (Tuesday through Friday) during morning sessions
prior to the start of classes. Three graduate students will present at
each session. Presentations will be informal and strictly limited to ten
(10) minutes per presenter, with time for Q&A reserved at session's end.
The sessions will be open to all DHSI attendees.

We invite 300 word proposals for these presentations. Successful abstracts
for the 2010 colloquium will focus on the individual student's role in
digital humanities research and application, as opposed to general issues
pertaining to digital humanities. Presenters must currently be enrolled as
MA or PhD students in an accredited graduate program, or currently hold a
post-doctoral fellowship in an academic program focused on digital
humanities work.

Please send abstracts to <cmleitch at uvic.ca>. Deadline for submissions is
November 27, 2009. All who have submitted an abstract will be notified by
mid-December 2009.

For more information, contact Cara Leitch <cmleitch at uvic.ca> or Diane
Jakacki <dkjakack at uwaterloo.ca>.

ABOUT THE DHSI: The Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University
of Victoria provides an ideal environment for discussing and learning
about new computing technologies and how they are influencing the work of
those in the Arts, Humanities and Library communities. The institute takes
place across a week of intensive coursework, seminar participation, and
lectures. It brings together faculty, staff, and graduate students from
different areas of the Arts, Humanities, Library and Archives communities
and beyond. During the DHSI, we share ideas and methods, and develop
expertise in applying advanced technologies to our teaching, research,
dissemination and preservation. This year's Summer Institute will be held
June 7-11, 2010. For more information and to register for courses see

REGISTRATION: In recent years, courses have filled up quickly. We
encourage students interested in attending the DHSI to register early.

SCHOLARSHIPS: All those whose work is accepted for presentation at the
2010 Graduate Student Colloquium will receive a tuition scholarship.

        Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 17:18:29 +0100
        From: Katina Michael <katina at uow.edu.au>
        Subject: cfp: IEEE ISTAS 2010 : The Social Implications of EmergingTechnologies (NSW, Australia)

2010 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS 2010)

THEME: “Social Implications of Emerging Technologies”

When: Jun 7, 2010 - Jun 9, 2010
Where: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Submission Deadline: Nov 13, 2009
Notification Due: Feb 26, 2010
Final Version Due: Mar 26, 2010

link: http://ieeessit.org/uploaded_documents/ISTAS10CFP.pdf

ISTAS’10 will be held at the University of Wollongong

The IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS) is an annual international forum sponsored by the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT).

ISTAS`10 in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, will bring together participants sharing research, projects, and ideas about:

Automatic Identification
Automatic identification technologies including biometrics (DNA), RFID
Surveillance, dataveillance, sousveillance, anti-surveillance, uberveillance
National security, emergency response, border control, e-tollways, e-passports

Location-Based Services
Geographic information systems, digital mapping, geotagging, street view, CCTV
Location-based services, global positioning systems (GPS), tracking, monitoring

Social Networking
Social networking applications, blogs, glogs, cyberstalking, collaboration
Data collection, data merging, data matching, data mining, disclosure
Mobile comms, wearable computing, ubiquity, context-aware applications

Microchip implants, biomedical solutions, diagnostics, drug delivery
Nanotechnology, bionics, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, robots, cyborgs

Privacy, Security & Human Rights
Cyberethics, privacy, data protection, trust, control, consent, transborder flows
Security, law enforcement, covert/overt policing, laws, regulations, public policy
Social implications, registers, human rights, intellectual property, social equity

Additional papers on other traditional fields of interest to SSIT also are welcome.

ISTAS ‘10 will be a multi-disciplinary event for engineers, scientists, researchers in the social sciences, arts/law and humanities, and decision makers in the public and private sectors.

Important Dates
Abstract submission (200 words) October 2, 2009
Full/Short paper submission (5000/2000 words): November 13, 2009
Author notification: February 26, 2010
Final camera-ready copy: March 26, 2010

All submissions to Katina Michael at: katina at uow.edu.au<mailto:katina at uow.edu.au>.

For more information visit: www.ieeessit.org<http://www.ieeessit.org> or www.uow.edu.au http://www.uow.edu.au .

Sponsored by the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

Organizing Committee and Program Committee Chairs: Dr. Holly Tootell and Dr. Katina Michael, School of Information Systems and Technology, Faculty of Informatics, University of Wollongong.

* Wollongong is less than an hour away from Sydney by car/train/bus.

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