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        Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 01:29:03 -0400
        From: Luis Gutierrez <luisgutierrez at peoplepc.com>
        Subject: Essay on integral human development

I want to say "thank you" for all the responses received to the survey
on education for sustainable development (ESD).

There is a consensus that the exclusion of women from roles of religious
authority is an obstacle to the integral human development of both men
and women. Consider the evidence:

     PelicanWeb Journal of Sustainable Development ~ September 2009

In brief, this article includes:

     * Section 1, a brief progress report on the ESD surveys.
     * Section 2, clarification of sustainable development terminology.
     * Section 3, an essay on integral human development.
     * Section 4, an overview of sustainable development indicators
     * Section 5, an essay on religious traditions and human development.
     * Section 6, a review of survey-based evidence.
     * Section 7, a review of recent scholarly research.
     * Section 8, a review of some real life examples.
     * Section 9, suggestions for prayer, study, and action.

I look forward to continue this research and would be grateful to
receive additional feedback.


Luis T. Gutierrez, PhD
Editor, PelicanWeb Journal of Sustainable Development
http://pelicanweb.org  ~  pelican at pelicanweb.org
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