[Humanist] 23.373 how big is the Greco-Roman world?

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        Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:17:14 +0100
        From: Paradoxographer <paradoxographia at GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
        Subject: How much server space would the Classical world occupy?

[The following query has circulated via the Digital Classicist and there generated some comment. I pass it on as a specific instance of a question Michael Lesk and others have asked about "information" in general. My inclination is to wonder about better questions one might ask, specifically what would be left out if one had *all* of the relevant data? --WM]


Perhaps the list can help me out with the following question. Has anyone ever calculated how much server / disc storage space (in gigabytes, terabytes, etc) the extant residue of the Graeco-Roman world would occupy? I suppose this would have to be limited to textual (including epigraphic) material, there being potentially no limit to the number of photographs, drawings, plans etc that could be produced ...

I'm curious to know how the volume compares with that of current annually created digital information / publications.

Kind Regards,

Rachel Hardiman.

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