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        Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 16:57:46 -0400
        From: hastac-web at duke.edu
        Subject: New interviews at HASTAC

In case you haven't checked in at hastac.org lately, I wanted to let you know
about some exciting new things on the site. In their first forum of the year,
Democratizing Knowledge, the HASTAC Scholars have been swapping questions,
concerns, ideologies, and ideas about making scholarship public and opening
access to university resources and research. As part of this, HASTAC Scholar
Bridget Draxler, a 4th-year PhD candidate at the University of Iowa, has
interviewed Theo van Rensburg Lindzter, Diretor of the M-Ubuntu Project, one
of the 2009 winners of the Digital Media and Learning Competition.

You can see their full interview here at
[1] and you can find out more about M-Ubuntu at

This interview is representative of precisely the kind of collaboration and
cross-disciplinary conversation that is at the very heart of HASTAC. With so
many shared interests, questions, and concerns, and differences in opinions,
cultures, and experiences, these conversations are bound to take many
interesting directions. Check it out and add your voice to the mix.


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