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        Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 15:18:11 -0300
        From: renata lemos <renata.lemoz at eletrocooperativa.org>
        Subject: digital manifesto

dear all,

one of our resident young artists at eletrocooperativa (brazilian digital
inclusion NGO), fabricio jabar, has created a video-art piece about the
challenges of our times. it is on you tube, and has english subtitles,
however you must activate the subtitles by clicking on the arrow located on
the right side of the screen. translation of the script is also found below.


A digital manifesto

image through image / tapeless / filmless / cinefull

Is this your recorder? It´s recording me already, it´s modulating right?

Image through image / and Who is making it? Me? Or the computer?

These images / this life / and Who is editing it? Me? Or the machine?

Created with no brush / only pixels / pixelated paintings / pixelized

here goes my manifesto

pandora´s box

the past is a myth // a system that lives from the past / this is na echo -

Love / oh Love / why isn´t the planet moved by love

it should / true love

 *“another proof: music that comes from new times. It is the civilization of
leisure not business / it is a new man / a new time a new era…”*

that´s it / after Love / water a lot of water // the holy drink / not this
dead drink

*“radioart / water*

*Lord forgive them they do not know what they´re doing…*

Listen / hear / hear us

The muse//

the primitive future is being lapidated by digital craftsmen / those that
through self-sustainability / deconstruct shapes / in order to find meaning

the past is a myth // human salvation lives in the internet


television never more /// gone is the industrial age // long gone industrial

technology has not been completely understood yet // it´s messianic function
in this planet

we are the 1 and technology is the 0

maybe everything seems exact / extract /maybe

Society / liquid society // why not?

*Liquids, differently from solids, do not maintain their form with ease /
they´re fluid / don´t fixate space and don´t tie time // it´s time to
liquefy patterns of dependency and interaction / they are now malleable / to
the point in which past generations did not experience and could not
conceive of*

*there´s a new tribe in town and that´s the hybrid tribe*

*this is the post-concept*

*a cool insight in the Word post / doesn´t mean necessarily posterior but
re-evaluated / self-aware / from a psychoanalytical perspective *

*we all come from the same echo echo-system*

*digital being*

*why not share life is all live the same life*

*at the same time at the same age*

*the future is now*

the digital being liquid celebrates

digital being

do it yourself

 by fabricio jabar, from eletrocooperativa
renata lemos

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