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        Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 09:45:54 +0200
        From: Jan Christoph Meister <jan-c-meister at uni-hamburg.de>
        Subject: CATMA 1.0 release - Tagger & Analyzer software for Windows


Remember TACT? CATMA (Computer Aided Textual Markup and Analysis) is a
new stand alone software with a focus on textual markup and analysis
inspired by TACT's lean and transparent design and functionality. It
was developed at the University of Hamburg as a tool for literary
scholars, students and other parties with an interest in literary

Emulating parts of the well known program "Usebase" (from the TACT
suite) and extending these CATMA provides a variety of tagging and
analyzing functionalities contained in its two components: the Tagger
and the Analyzer. CATMA places a strong emphasis on usability and is
designed for users with little experience in digital text analysis.

CATMA key features include:
•       a visual interface to mark up and analyze texts
•       the ability to define analyses by the use of a basic query language
•       a set of predefined statistical and non-statistical analytical functions
•       a GUI that reflects the logical steps in a textual analysis workflow
•       a log and status component displaying the system processes
•       keyboard shortcuts and tooltips for better usability

CATMA supports collaborative efforts by adhering to relevant standards
(XML, TEI) and producing reusable output.

CATMA 1.0 is a stable beta currently implemented for Windows only.
CATMA 2.0 will be released towards August 2009 as a platform
independent JAVA© version, including a TextGrid workbench interface.

CATMA is now available for download at


Evelyn Gius, Marco Petris and Chris Meister from the CATMA development
team will be present at the DH 2009 - feel free to contact us there,
or via our website.


Jan Christoph Meister
Professor für Neuere deutsche Literatur
(Literaturtheorie, Textanalyse, Computerphilologie)
Universität Hamburg
Department SLM I - Institut für Germanistik II
Von-Melle-Park 6
D-20146 Hamburg

Mail:     jan-c-meister at uni-hamburg.de
Office:   +49 - 40 - 42838 2972
Cell:     +49 - 0172 40 865 41
Web:      www.jcmeister.de

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