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        Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 08:17:04 -0400
        From: robert delius royar <r.royar at morehead-st.edu>
        Subject: 23.79 programming for poets?
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Were I looking for such a course, I would wish it to teach me how to 
program my text editor using its e-lisp language.  The editor I have used 
for the last 15 years is XEmacs.  Before that for about two decades I 
used Emacs and micro-based versions.  I believe that for a person who 
studies and works with text it is sensible to rely on a program that was 
designed to manipulate text in meaningful units.  I believe such 
programs are analogous to spreadsheet programs for those who work with

I would also want a robust and relatively simple, but mature language as
an external processor.  I depend on perl; it was easy to learn the basics,
having gone through BASIC, Franz Lisp, and C before it.  I maintain a
small web site for a non-profit organization.  I find that when I need it
to create dynamic content, provide automated updates to databases,
&c. that a perl application is either already available for it or
something I can code for myself.  I am constantly seeing break-in attempts
for other popular web-enabled languages (notably PHP) which makes me wary
of using those scripting languages and which makes me suspect that they
may teach new programmers poor habits (certainly possible with perl).

Dr. Robert Delius Royar <r.royar at morehead-st.edu>
Associate Professor of English, Morehead State University

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