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        Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 09:53:32 -0400
        From: Matt Zimmerman <matt.zimmerman at gmail.com>
        Subject: ACH mentoring programme at DH2009

To the Digital Humanities Community

The following message is about the ACH mentoring activities at DH2009.
Please read it and consider participating in it:

Are you on the job market? Are you looking for general career advice in
the Digital Humanities? Do you have valuable career advice to give? If
so, I encourage you to participate in this year's ACH mentoring program.

Each year the Association for Computers and the Humanities (www.ach.org)
puts out a call to those who are looking for advice in beginning or
advancing their careers in the Digital Humanities and those who can
offer advice, or, even better, jobs!

As in the past, the mentoring program is deliberately informal. After
collecting names of mentors and mentess I then offer an introduction via
email and the parties take it from there. Ideally you both will be
attending the Digital Humanities Conference in College Park, MD this
year so you can
spend some time taking over coffee, but if not, no worries, a lot can be
done over email.

So, if you fall in to one of the above categories (mentor or mentee)
please email at matt.zimmerman at gmail.com and let me know:

1. Whether you are looking to mentor or be mentored.
2. In what area(s) you feel you need help or could offer help (i.e.
Libraries, Teaching, Technical)
3. If you will be attending the Digital
Humanities 2009 conference in College Park, MD.

Also remember our ACH jobs database at http://curlew.cch.kcl.ac.uk/ach/
where you can search for jobs if you are on the market and also post
jobs if you are an employer with openings.

Thanks so much for you help in continuing what has been a very
beneficial program for all parties involved in the past years.

Matt Zimmerman
Chair, ACH Employment Committee.

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