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        Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 13:23:25 +0100
        From: Susan Schreibman <susan.schreibman at GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: DHO's Digital Research and Projects database launched

The DHO's Digital Research and Projects database (DRAPIer) was launched 
at the Royal Irish Academy on 13 July 2009 during the first evening of 
the annual DHO Summer School <dho.ie/drapier>. DRAPIer is a 
bibliographic database gathering together the rich and varied work being 
carried out by the Higher Education sector throughout the island of 
Ireland in the area of digital humanities. RIA Humanities Secretary 
Professor Jane Conroy introduced DRAPIer, hailing it as "a significant 
element in the concept conceived by the Humanities Serving Irish Society 

The database currently lists 30 projects from virtually all institutions 
across the island. Projects can be browsed by discipline, institution, 
temporal periods, geographic range, amongst others. It can also be 
browsed by methods used in creating the digital resource, such as text 
encoding or scanning; metadata formats, such as  Dublin Core or TEI; and 
content types, such as images or audio recordings.

The controlled vocabularies used by DRAPIer are based on those developed 
for ICT Guides and currently implemented by arts-humanities.net at the 
Centre for eResearch, King's College London. Refinement of the 
vocabularies is ongoing, and the DHO is actively contributing to this work.

These fields provide a roadmap to the range of digital humanities 
activities in Ireland across disciplines, formats, and methodologies. It 
is also intended that DRAPIer be used as a resource: as the basis for 
future collaborations between projects; as a conduit for peer learning; 
and location that documents expertise in the area of digital humanities 
in Ireland.

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