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        Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 22:41:46 +0200
        From: "Massimo Parodi - informatica umanistica"
        Subject: Informatica Umanistica n. 1

The  first issue of the Italian review “Informatica Umanistica” is online.
We need your best wishes.

>From the presentation of the first issue:

“The relationship between humanities and computers seems sometimes to pose a
new form of the old problem: the relationship between the ‘two cultures’
(remembering Charles P. Snow). But perhaps the technological revolution of
our years, for the first time, is also an humanistic revolution.

It doesn’t compare anymore the logic of scientific knowledge with the
rhetoric of the literary, philosophical or legal knowledge, the
demonstration typical of the real knowledge with the argumentation typical
on the contrary of the everyday human way of sharing ideas often uncertain,
undefined, vague.

It can teach the humanists to provide more order to their own ideas, to give
more attention to the structure of their arguments, but, at the same time,
it ought learn from humanists that order and structure are not technical
data, merely formal elements; order and structure are theory, results of a
choice, sometimes ideology, ultimately concepts deeply affected by literary,
philosophical, legal thought.

We interviewed some scholars and experts in various areas in which the
computer science has become an important partner for the humanities and we
have tried to organize the answers in ordered but especially problematic




Massimo Parodi 

(Università degli Studi di Milano)

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