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        Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 16:57:11 +0100
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        Subject: InterFace 2009

InterFace 2009:
International symposium to bring humanities and technology closer
9 — 10 July 2009
University of Southampton

A symposium which will provide a forum through which researchers can 
learn about the latest developments in both technology and the 
humanities will be hosted by the University of Southampton [Wednesday 
and Thursday this week].

InterFace, the first annual international symposium aimed at improving 
the cross-fertilisation between technology and the humanities, which 
will be hosted by the University's School of Electronics and Computer 
Science (ECS) and the School of Humanities on 9-10 July 2009, has 
invited delegates involved in both disciplines to come together to share 

The submissions, a third of which are from an international audience, 
will be presented in Lighting Talks and poster sessions and fall broadly 
into a number of themes

One theme is hypermedia technology for traditional media, which looks at 
the technology needed to read ancient manuscripts, with a novel idea 
being the possibility of digitizing all the surviving materials for the 
early Gospel of St John in Latin.

Another theme looks at automated and assistive translation and considers 
issues such as machine translations for the Classics and the 
difficulties of switching alphabets.

'The fact that we have themes like this from a large international 
audience challenges the Anglo-centricity of the World Wide Web,' said 
Leif Isaksen at ECS. 'We really need to seriously consider how all of 
this is used on a global level.'

The underlying theme of InterFace generally is how society and 
technology influence each other and will be the subject of keynotes by 
Professor Dame Wendy Hall from ECS and Professor Willard McCarty from 
the Centre for Computing in Humanities at King’s College London.

This theme will also address the convergence of technologies such as 
phones, computers and cameras, social networking and privacy, how 
students use this technology and the fact that elderly people tend to be 
excluded from these sites due to their inability to embrace the technology.

'We are delighted with the response we have had,' said Leif. 'It really 
hits a broad range of interesting synergies and should stimulate some 
interesting discussions.'


[Note that summaries of the two keynote addresses are available on 
AlphaGalileo, www.alphagalileo.org/, under Events for 9 July.]

Willard McCarty, Professor of Humanities Computing,
King's College London, staff.cch.kcl.ac.uk/~wmccarty/;
Editor, Humanist, www.digitalhumanities.org/humanist;
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, www.isr-journal.org.

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