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        Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 19:27:06 +0000
        From: Stéfan Sinclair <sgsinclair at GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: TREX-08 Winners

Dear Colleagues,

TADA (the Text Analysis Developers' Alliance) has announced winners of
the 2008 T-REX Competition (for text analysis tools development and
usage). The panel of judges reviewed the many submissions received and
has recognized winners in five categories:

Best New Tool
    o Degrees of Connection by Susan Brown, Jeffery Antoniuk, Sharon
Balazs, Patricia Clements, Isobel Grundy, Stan Ruecker
    o Ripper Browser by Alejandro Giacometti, Stan Ruecker, Ian Craig,
Gerry Derksen

Best Idea for a New Tool
    o Magic Circle by Carlos Fiorentino, Stan Ruecker, Milena
Radzikowska, Piotr Michura

Best Idea for Improving a Current Tool
    o Collocate Cloud by Dave Beavan
    o Throwing Bones by Kirsten C. Uszkalo

Best Idea for Improving the Interface of the TAPoR Portal
    o Bookmarklet for Immediate Text Analysis by Peter Organisciak

Best Experiment of Text Analysis Using High Performance Computing
    o Back-of-the-Book Index Generation by Patrick Juola

More information available at http://tada.mcmaster.ca/trex/08/

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants! Watch
this space for upcoming TADA events, including the next TREX


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