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        Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 21:21:08 -0500
        From: Julia Flanders <Julia_Flanders at Brown.Edu>
        Subject: DHQ issue 3.1 now available

We're very happy to announce the publication of the new issue of DHQ:

DHQ 3.1 (Winter 2009)
A special issue in honor of Ross Scaife: "Changing the Center of  
Gravity: Transforming Classical Studies Through Cyberinfrastructure"
Guest editors: Melissa Terras and Gregory Crane

Table of Contents

	Acknowledgements and Dedications
	Gregory Crane, Tufts University; Brent Seales, University of  
Kentucky; Melissa Terras, University College London	

	Ross Scaife (1960-2008)
	Dot Porter, Digital Humanities Observatory

	Cyberinfrastructure for Classical Philology
	Gregory Crane, Tufts University; Brent Seales, University of  
Kentucky; Melissa Terras, University College London

	Technology, Collaboration, and Undergraduate Research
	Christopher Blackwell, Furman University; Thomas R. Martin, College  
of the Holy Cross

	Tachypaedia Byzantina: The Suda On Line as Collaborative Encyclopedia
	Anne Mahoney, Tufts University

	Exploring Historical RDF with Heml
	Bruce Robertson, Mount Allison University

	Digitizing Latin Incunabula: Challenges, Methods, and Possibilities
	Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox, University of Missouri-Kansas City

	Citation in Classical Studies
	Neel Smith, College of the Holy Cross

	Digital Criticism: Editorial Standards for the Homer Multitext
	Casey Dué, University of Houston, Texas; Mary Ebbott, College of the  
Holy Cross

	Epigraphy in 2017
	Hugh Cayless, University of North Carolina; Charlotte Roueché, King's  
College London; Tom Elliott, New York University; Gabriel Bodard,  
King's College London

	Digital Geography and Classics
	Tom Elliott, New York University; Sean Gillies, New York University

	What Your Teacher Told You is True: Latin Verbs Have Four Principal  
	Raphael Finkel, University of Kentucky; Gregory Stump, University of  

	Computational Linguistics and Classical Lexicography
	Gregory Crane, Tufts University; David Bamman, Tufts University

	Classics in the Million Book Library
	Gregory Crane, Tufts University; Alison Babeu, Tufts University;  
David Bamman, Tufts University; Thomas Breuel, Technical University of  
Kaiserslautern; Lisa Cerrato, Tufts University; Daniel Deckers,  
Hamburg University; Anke Lüdeling, Humboldt-University, Berlin; David  
Mimno, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Rashmi Singhal, Tufts  
University; David A. Smith, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Amir  
Zeldes, Humboldt-University, Berlin

	Conclusion: Cyberinfrastructure, the Scaife Digital Library and  
Classics in a Digital age
	Christopher Blackwell, Furman University; Gregory Crane, Tufts  

Best wishes from the DHQ editorial team

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