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        Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 10:36:51 +0000
        From: Susan Schreibman <susan.schreibman at gmail.com>
        Subject: Digital research data survey

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the course of their work, researchers routinely create, use and 
re-use digital information. The results of such research are usually 
published and preserved for future generations by publishers and/or 
libraries. But what happens to the underlying research data which is 
vital for verifying the research outcome, or which might prove of great 
value to other researchers in other contexts? Digital data are much more 
fragile than printed resources, as hardware and software platforms 
evolve. Which present-day computer can deal with an 8-inch floppy disk 
with Wordstar text on it?

The European Alliance for Permanent Access to the Records of Science 
 http://www.alliancepermanentaccess.eu/ ) aims to build a European 
infrastructure to preserve research data for future re-use, and a number 
of Alliance partners have initiated a project entitled PARSE.insight 
(http://www.parse-insight.eu  http://www.parse-insight.eu/ ) which aims 
to gain insight into the present practices of researchers, data managers 
and funding agencies with regard to creating and storing research data.

The results of this project will help the European Commission determine 
how to invest in the European research infrastructure. Filling out our 
survey allows you to express your opinions on the way the EC should 
invest its resources. In other words, a small investment of your time 
now may help make your valuable research data save for future access and 

*Link to survey: 

* *

The survey will take about *15 to 20 minutes*. Reponses are aggregated 
for analysis and made anonymous.

Thank you.

PARSE.insight team

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