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        Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 22:59:51 +0100
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <geoffrey.rockwell at ualberta.ca>
        Subject: Dictionary Moving

[The following, though meant for registered users of the Dictionary of Words in the Wild, gives me occasion to reflect once again on this marvellous tool of incompletely resolved purpose. The other day, taking my camera as usual on my habitual early morning walk to the Leyton Leisure Lagoon, I noticed when the walk was almost done that I had been so wrapped up in thoughts about a friend's impending journey to Australia that I had not been looking at the streets and buildings and people as I walked along. Ordinarily now, because of the Dictionary, I carry the camera everywhere I go, looking for interesting words. And, despite the fact that I've been doing this for well over a year, on a walk in a neighbourhood much of which has not changed in well over a century, I find worthy words nearly every time. True, the neighbourhood has its share of entrepreneurial signs and more than its share of loose rubbish (source of a high percentage of the words I find inspiring), but still, the people who live here are not *that* energetic nor *that* sloppy. So I conclude that there is always much to see.

And this leads to a further reflection on the tool itself. One day, perhaps, clever programming will allow us to exploit the growing collection toward a visual corpus linguistics taking account of colours, shapes and so forth. But for now, for this user-interactor, the primary function of the tool is behavioural and cognitive. The main thing is the interaction with it and what that leads to. How misleading our focus on exclusively digital results can be! 

See http://tapor1-dev.mcmaster.ca/~dictwordwild/ for the moment, after May 5, http://lexigraphi.ca. --WM]

Dictionary of Words in the Wild Users,

We are moving the dictionary to a new location - http://lexigraphi.ca on a new server at the University of Alberta. We have the Dictionary intstalled at lexigraphi.ca and will be moving the database of images on May 5th. We ask that you not upload any images on May 5th - anything uploaded before will be transferred. After May 5th you will be redirected to lexigraphi.ca where your account should work as before.

If you have ideas for the dictionary, please e-mail us, Geoffrey Rockwell (geoffrey.rockwell at ualberta.ca<mailto:geoffrey.rockwell at ualberta.ca>) or Kamal Ranaweera (kamal.ranaweera at ualberta.ca<mailto:kamal.ranaweera at ualberta.ca>). If you have any problems please e-mail us.


* Dictionary is moving May 5th
* Please use the address http://lexigraphi.ca from May 5th (the old one will redirect)
* Send us ideas or bugs

We are getting close to 5000 unique words - we need another 133 words!


Geoffrey Rockwell

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