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  [1]   From:    Michael Barnett <michaelb at Princeton.EDU>                  (20)
        Subject: session on "analogy" at ACA

  [2]   From:    Gualtiero Volpe <Gualtiero.Volpe at unige.it>                (69)
        Subject: eNTERFACE'09 Call for Participation

        Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 11:36:18 -0400
        From: Michael Barnett <michaelb at Princeton.EDU>
        Subject: session on "analogy" at ACA
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Contributions on the representation and classification of analogies in 
humanities, e.g. textual analysis, visual arts and music, and on uses of 
analogy in symbolic calculation of text and other non-mathematical 
material will be welcome in the session on Analogy in Reasoning and 
Construction at the 19th Annual Conference on Applications of Computer 
Algebra, hosted by the University of Montreal at Quebec (UQAM), June 
25-28, 2009.

The study of analogy is vast. It permeates every field of scholarship 
and research. Symbolic calculation software provides powerful tools for 
exploring the mechanized use of analogy in reasoning and construction. 
This session will address:

   1. symbolic calculations that have involved analogy,
   2. models on which future software can be based,
   3. the selection of further topics for mechanization, from the 
overwhelming field of possibilities,
   4. the development of strategies to study these.

Half an hour will be allotted to each talk with adequate time for 
discussion. A major goal is to establish ongoing dialogue between people 
in different fields. The link to the session site is 
http://www.princeton.edu/~allengrp/ms/mscp/analogy.html . For more 
information, contact Michael P. Barnett (michaelb at princeton.edu).

        Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 21:19:43 +0100
        From: Gualtiero Volpe <Gualtiero.Volpe at unige.it>
        Subject: eNTERFACE'09 Call for Participation
        In-Reply-To: <49F1B6D6.2070505 at mccarty.org.uk>

Casa Paganini – InfoMus Lab
in collaboration with the Openinterface Foundation, the EU IST CALLAS
and the EU ICT SAME Projects
the 5th Intl. Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces
Genova, Italy, July 13th – August 7th, 2009
Call for Participation
The eNTERFACE 2009 Workshop is being organized this summer in Genova,
Italy, from July 13th to August 7th, 2009. The Workshop will be held
at Casa Paganini – InfoMus Lab (www.casapaganini.org), DIST-University
of Genova.
The eNTERFACE Workshops present an opportunity of collaborative
research and software development by gathering, in a single place, a
team of senior project leaders in multimodal interfaces, PhD students,
and (undergraduate) students, to work on a pre-specified list of
challenges, for the duration of four weeks. Participants are organized
in teams, assigned to specific projects. eNTERFACE’09 will also
encompass presentation sessions, including tutorial state-of-the-art
surveys on several aspects of design of multimodal interfaces, given
by invited senior researchers, and periodical presentations of the
results achieved by each project group. The ultimate goal is to make
this event a unique opportunity for students and experts all over the
world to meet and effectively work together, so as to foster the
development of tomorrow’s multimodal research community.
Outcome of synergy and success stories of past eNTERFACE Workshops
held in Mons, Belgium (2005), Dubrovnik, Croatia (2006), Istanbul,
Turkey (2007), and Paris, France (2008), can be seen at
Senior researchers, PhD, or undergraduate students interested in
participating to the Workshop should send their application by
emailing the Organizing Committee at enterface09 at casapaganini.org on
or before May 4, 2009. The application should contain:
  * A short CV
  * A list of three preferred projects to work on
  * A list of skills to offer for these projects.
Participants must procure their own travel and accommodation expenses.
Information about the venue location and stay are provided on the
eNTERFACE’09 website (www.infomus.org/enterface09). Note that although
no scholarships are available for PhD students, there are no
application fees and the estimated cost of lodging and meals for the
full four weeks is about 1000 Euros.
eNTERFACE'09 will welcome students, researchers, and seniors, working
in teams on the following projects:
#01     Multimodal monitoring of the behavioural and physiological state
of the user in interactive VR games
#02     Coordination between signal and semantic fusion of multimodal data
#03     Multimodal guitar: performance toolkit and/or study workbench
#04     Video navigation tool: application to browsing a database of
dancers' performances
#05     A multi-player game using neurophysiological sensors
#06     Playful interaction in a multi-tracking environment
#07     Attention-based gestures expressivity analysis in a collective context
#08     AVLaughterCycle
#09     Interactivity of an affective puppet
The full detailed description of the projects is available at

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