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        Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 23:50:14 -0800
        From: "Alan Liu" <ayliu at english.ucsb.edu>
        Subject: "Social Computing in 2020" Bluesky Innovation Competition


The University of California Transliteracies Project and UC Santa Barbara
Social Computing Group announce the "Social Computing in 2020: Bluesky
Innovation Competition." What will social computing technologies and
practices be like in the year 2020?

* ELIGIBLE: Undergraduate or graduate students anywhere in the world.

* AWARDS: 1st prize, $3000 USD; 2nd prize, $1000, 3rd prize, $500.

* SUBMISSION FORMAT: Description of an idea + Imaginative realization,
embodiment, or illustration of the idea in a variety of possible formats
(e.g., an essay, story, script, application sketch, fictional business plan,

* DEADLINE: January 30, 2009.

* FULL COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Guidelines & Submission Details

Students from any discipline--humanities, arts, social sciences, computer
science, engineering, etc.--are encouraged to apply. The competition
emphasizes visionary, thoughtful, or critical concepts rather than technical
knowledge as such.

For more information, see the full competition announcement

Inquiries may be directed by email to socialcomputing at lsmail.ucsb.edu



UCSB Social Computing Group (http://socialcomputing.ucsb.edu)
(A working group in the UC Transliteracies Project:

* Kevin Almeroth - Department of Computer Science; Associate Dean for
Advancement and Planning, College of Engineering.
* Jennifer Earl - Department of Sociology; Director, Center for Information
Technology & Society.
* Andrew Flanagin - Department of Communication; Co-director, Credibility
and Digital Media at UCSB Project.
* James Frew - Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management.
* Alan Liu - Chair, Department of English; Director, UC Transliteracies
* Miriam Metzger - Department of Communication; Co-director, Credibility and
Digital Media at UCSB Project.

(With assistance from the UCSB Graduate Student Social Computing "Bluesky"

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