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        Subject: U Toronto iSchool/Toronto Centre for the Book podcast

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        Subject: UBIQUITY 9-15 December

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        Subject: Google Book Search Bibliography, Version 3

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        From: "Alan Galey" <galey.lists at gmail.com>
        Subject: U Toronto iSchool/Toronto Centre for the Book podcast

[posted on behalf of Bruce Harpham; apologies for any duplication]

University of Toronto iSchool Podcast Launched

Last spring, a first year Master of Information Studies student wanted a
solution for those people who had to miss interesting lectures at the
Faculty of Information due to scheduling conflicts. As a result, the iSchool
Podcast was born.

At the helm, Bruce Harpham teamed up with fellow students Mark Swartz,
Victoria Hill, Dominika Solan, Jessica Rovito, Christina Kim, Robert Keshen,
Margaret Lam and Armin Krauss to record and share public lectures on the
field of information, broadly understood.

Consequently, the project has recorded lectures given at the Toronto Centre
for the Book (http://www.library.utoronto.ca/tcb/prog.html) with other
events planned for recording.

As iSchool Podcast coordinator, Harpham says it is hoped the podcasts will
build the iSchool community and provide a way for people to engage with
these ideas on their own time and in their own ways. In addition to sharing
these lectures with a broad audience, he says the project also provides
education to graduate students in how to plan and execute podcasts.

Comments on lectures, email suggestions for possible events to record, or
questions can be sent to the group's blog (podcasts.ischool.utoronto.ca)  or
email: ischool.podcast at utoronto.ca.

        Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 17:47:08 +0000
        From: ubiquity <ubiquity at HQ.ACM.ORG>
        Subject: UBIQUITY 9-15 December

This Week in Ubiquity:
December 9 – December 15, 2008


Long Live the .250 Hitter http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/

The dearth of women in computing is very much on everyone's mind. Elena Strange offers a new perspective on this.  She observes that the solid, utility hitters (and players) are the backbone of every baseball team.   In playing on her computing teams she has no aspirations for MVP awards and strives for personal excellence in the things she does.   She asks her male colleagues to value her as a .250 hitter without holding her to the standard of a .314 hitter. This simple change could open the gates to a flood of women in computing.

Elena holds Grace Hopper as the equivalent of the legendary .314 hitter in computing.  Hopper told her friends that she was never aspiring to be a legendary leader, but only to do the best possible job with the tasks that were before her. Be personally excellent and interact with people from your heart, said Hopper, and all the rest will take care of itself.   You can see in Elena's story the seeds that Grace Hopper planted.

Peter Denning


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        Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 18:42:20 +0000
        From: "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <cwbailey at digital-scholarship.com>
        Subject: Google Book Search Bibliography, Version 3

The Google Book Search Bibliography, Version 3 is now
available from Digital Scholarship.


This bibliography presents selected English-language
articles and other works that are useful in understanding
Google Book Search. It primarily focuses on the evolution of
Google Book Search and the legal, library, and social issues
associated with it. Where possible, links are provided to
works that are freely available on the Internet, including
e-prints in disciplinary archives and institutional
repositories. Note that e-prints and published articles may
not be identical.

For a discussion of the numerous changes in my digital
publications since my resignation from the University of
Houston Libraries, see the Digital Scholarship Publications



Best Regards,

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Publisher, Digital Scholarship

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