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        Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 16:34:29 +0200
        From: Lily Diaz <diaz at taik.fi>
        Subject: A special Issue of the International Journal of Digital Culture and E-Tourism

Dear Humanist readers:


A special Issue of the International Journal of Digital Culture and E- 

Edited by Prof. Lily Díaz and Prof. Maurizio Forte

The contents of the issue include an introduction to the topic of  
intangible heritage by Díaz and Forte from an ecological perspective,  
as well as articles by distinguished authors in the following topics:

Building virtual cultural heritage environments: the embodied mind at  
the core of the learning processes
Elena Bonini
113 - 125

Intangible matter and the body
Bernadette Flynn
126 - 138	

An entanglement of people-things: Place-Hampi
Sarah Kenderdine
139 - 156	

Cultural institutions take on a [Second] Life of their own
Susan Hazan
157 - 176	

Digitality and immaterial culture: What did Viking women think?
Maureen Thomas
177 - 191

The economic value of 'immateriality'
Andrea Granelli, Roberto Pone, Barbara Marcotulli
192 - 208	

Folkvine.org as a model of virtual tourism
Craig Saper
209 - 224	

Virtual reconstructions as destination tourism?
Elizabeth A. Bartley, John E. Hancock
225 - 239	

Virtualising ancient imperial Rome: from Gismondi's physical model to  
a new virtual reality application
Gabriele Guidi, Bernard Frischer, Ignazio Lucenti, Janez Donno,  
Michele Russo
240 - 252	

A new media approach: visualisation of a digital exhibition. A case of  
Blanca Acuna
253 - 256	

AARRE presenting the world through souvenirs
Viljo Malmberg, Jenna Sutela
257 - 258

Artivistic fieldwork: participatory platforms, devised events, and  
socially engaged art storymaking
Andrew Gryf Paterson
259 - 262	

Participatory platforms for opening dialogues in exhibitions, a design  
Mariana Salgado
263 - 265	

The issue is available online and in printed format. For more  
information please follow the link below to the Inderscience website. http://www.inderscience.com/browse/index.php?journalID=247&year=2008&vol=1&issue=2/3
ıı ı ı ı
Dr. Lily Diaz
Professor, Systems of Representation
& Digital Cultural Heritage
University of Art and Design Helsinki
135C Hämeentie SF 00560
Helsinki, Finland
+ 358 9 75630 338
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