[Humanist] Fwd: Doctoral Fellowship in History of Science, History of Mathematics, Digital Humanities, or Computer Science (Paris/Oxford)

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Wed Aug 1 07:10:26 CEST 2018

Dear members of Humanist,

Following is one I couldn't let get away -- not only for its timeliness 
to someone out there but also for what it indicates and promises.

Soon back to normal service, I promise.


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Subject: 	Doctoral Fellowship in History of Science, History of 
Mathematics, Digital Humanities, or Computer Science (Paris/Oxford)
Date: 	Tue, 31 Jul 2018 20:18:07 +0000
From: 	Philip Beeley <philip.beeley at HISTORY.OX.AC.UK>
Reply-To: 	Philip Beeley <philip.beeley at HISTORY.OX.AC.UK>

   Applications are invited for a three-year fully funded doctoral
   fellowhip from students wishing to pursue doctoral studies in the
   history of science, history of mathematics, digital humanities, or
   computer science.

   The successful candidate’s PhD thesis will involve the scholarly study
   of correspondence networks from the perspective of both the history of
   sciences and the digital humanities. In particular, the student should
   consider how to structure a corpus made up of networks of
   interconnected correspondence data; the new research questions for the
   history of science that arise from such a corpus; the methodologies
   that can be put in place to answer these questions; and the extent to
   which the development of suitable digital analysis and research tools
   might contribute to the exploration of this type of corpus.

   The doctoral fellowship is part of a scientific collaboration between
   the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Sorbonne University and the
   Faculty of History of the University of Oxford. The candidate will
   work in the Digital Humanities team at the Institut des sciences du
   calcul et des données (ISCD) of Sorbonne University (Paris, France)
   and will carry out a period of research at the University of Oxford
   (UK) within the framework of the Cultures of Knowledge research
   project/Early Modern Letters Online [EMLO]. An association either with
   Oxford’s Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
   or with the Mathematical Institute is possible during the stay.

   The doctoral fellow will benefit from a three-year funding by the
   Faculty of Science and Engineering of Sorbonne University. The
   candidate must have a strong background in digital humanities, history
   of science, mathematics, or computer sciences. Competences in at least
   two of these fields will be particularly appreciated.

   To apply, please send your cv. and a description of your research
   project to: alexandre.guilbaud at sorbonne-universite.fr. You may also
   contact Alexandre at this address informally for further information
   regarding the fellowship.


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