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        Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2018 23:12:12 +0200
        From: Valentina Presutti <valentina.presutti at cnr.it>
        Subject: Semantic Web Research Summer School - application deadline April 11th

Dear all,

I hope the following announcement can be of your interest. On behalf of the directors of the International Semantic Web Research Summer School  http://isws2018.semanticwebschool.org/   I am pleased to invite your application to participate in the school that will be held in Bertinoro 1-7 July, 2018. The application deadline is in two days (April 11th). Digital humanities will be one of the core application domains addressed during the school.

Best regards,
Valentina Presutti, PhD
Scientific coordinator @ STLab ISTC-CNR
Researcher @ ISTC-CNR
via San Martino della Battaglia 44
00185 Rome, Italy
web: http://stlab.istc.cnr.it/ValentinaPresutti  http://stlab.istc.cnr.it/stlab/User:ValentinaPresutti
scholar: http://scholar.google.it/citations?user=dvNHkAwAAAAJ&hl=en  http://scholar.google.it/citations?user=dvNHkAwAAAAJ&hl=en
email:valentina.presutti at cnr.it

Extended deadline for application

Bertinoro, near Bologna, Italy.
1th - 7th July, 2018
http://isws2018.semanticwebschool.org/, isws.application at gmail.com, Twitter: @isws_semweb

New Deadline for applications April 11th 
Max number of participants: 60. 

To apply, please follow the process described at http://isws2018.semanticwebschool.org/apply/   


Knowledge graphs and Linked Data
Machine Learning and Data mining
Querying & Reasoning
Ontology Engineering with Ontology Design Patterns
Frames and the Semantic Web
Natural Language Processing
Blockchain and the Semantic Web
Empirical analyses on the Semantic Web
Distributed, Decentralised Semantic Web


Valentina Presutti (Director), valentina.presutti at cnr.it
Harald Sack (Director), harald.sack at fiz-karlsruhe.de
York Sure, york.sure-vetter at kit.edu 

Invited speakers: 
Asuncion Gomez-Perez (UPM, Spain)
Enrico Motta (KMI, UK) 
Marta Sabou (Vienna University of Technology, AT)

Claudia d’Amato (University of Bari, Italy)
Michael Cochez (Fraunhofer FIT, Germany)
John Domingue (KMI, UK), Ruben Verbough (University of Ghent, Belgium)
Marieke van Erp (KNAW Humanities Cluster, Netherlands)
Aldo Gangemi (University of Bologna, Italy)
Sebastian Rudolph (University of Dresden, Germany) 
Ruben Verborgh (Ghent University/imec, BE)
Maria Esther Vidal (TIB, Germany) 

The International Semantic Web Research School (ISWS) provides a perfect experience for young scientists and researchers, working in both Academia and Industry, who want to learn about cutting edge technologies and novel research achievements in the Semantic Web domain. The school inherits the successful pedagogic principles and the lessons learned from previous experiences and aims at being a prominent reference school for the best young researchers, PhD and master students of the Semantic Web community.

ISWS takes place in the beautiful location of Bertinoro, a small village near Bologna in Italy and relies on the organisation of Valentina Presutti from CNR, Harald Sack from FIZ Karlsruhe and KIT, and York Sure from KIT. It is focused on research and its program includes lectures, invited talks, poster session, team working, and an exciting social program. All tutors and speakers of the school are renown members of the Semantic Web community and beyond. Students work very hard for a whole week and experience all main activities that a researcher faces during her/his career such as team working, problem and state of the art analysis, development of novel methods, writing of research articles and reports, presenting a research result, and also defending a thesis. ISWS combines the format of a research camp with lectures and keynote talks. To facilitate an early exchange of ideas and mentoring opportunity a poster session will also take place, where attendees will have the chance to present their work and obtain feedback on their research.

The school is an exceptional opportunity for networking: all tutors stay and constantly interact with the students for the whole duration of the school. The result is that participants, typically at an early career stage, thanks to the school, build a rich social and professional network that span from junior to highly known scientists. Although ISWS features lectures and keynotes, most of the time is devoted to work in team with the tutors for developing research. Students form teams and focus on a research problem for which they study a solution under the methodological guidance of highly expert tutors. The program also introduces an element of competition among students, as prizes are awarded at the end of the week. 

ISWS is organised so that students have lots of fun during social activities and free time. They leave the school with great memories and satisfaction, and by having met many new good friends.

Participating at ISWS 2018 means to benefit from formal and practical sessions as well as from informal and social interactions with established researchers and the other participants to the school. 


We welcome applicants from anywhere in the world. Normally, but not exclusively, applicants will be postgraduate students in relevant disciplines with some knowledge of semantic and web technologies. Some basic acquaintance with knowledge representation languages for the Semantic Web (RDF, OWL, etc.) is required.

The deadline for applications is the 31st March 2018. Please follow the instructions at http://isws2018.semanticwebschool.org/apply/ to apply.

Accepted candidates are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 1st, between 3pm and 6pm and to participate fully in the activities of the school until its conclusion, at 2pm on Saturday, July 7th. Applicants should keep in mind that we will not consider applications from students who cannot commit themselves to a full participation for the whole duration of the school. Students are also required to bring and present a poster at the summer school, describing their own research.

Apart from activities directly related to lectures, the summer school schedule features a rich social programme, which enables informal interaction between all participants to the school - i.e. students, tutors, invited speakers, school staff, etc. These events include a gala dinner,, a disco, and sport activities.


We expect to provide a few number of grants for students who would not otherwise be able to attend the school. 


ISWS 2018 will be located at the University Residential Center located in the small medieval hilltop town of Bertinoro. This town is in Emilia Romagna, about 50 km east of Bologna at an elevation of 230m above sea level. It can easily be reached by train and taxi from Bologna.

Bertinoro is picturesque, with many narrow streets and walkways winding around the central peak. Sessions of the summer school will be held in an archiepiscopal castle that has been converted by the University of Bologna into a modern conference centre with computing facilities and Internet access.  From the castle you can enjoy a beautiful vista that stretches from the Tuscan Apennines to the Adriatic coast and the Alps over the Po Valley.

More information about the location are available at http://isws2018.semanticwebschool.org/venue/ 
The cost of the summer school, including accommodation, meals and excursion is 950€.

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