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  [1]   From:    "Charles M. Ess" <c.m.ess at media.uio.no>                   (81)
        Subject: CFP: 13th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference:
                ‚”This Changes Everything”

  [2]   From:    Angie Beiriger <beiriger at reed.edu>                        (13)
        Subject: CFP extended: "Undergraduate Research in the Digital Age"
                conference at Reed College

        Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 08:53:16 +0200
        From: "Charles M. Ess" <c.m.ess at media.uio.no>
        Subject: CFP: 13th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference: ‚”This Changes Everything”

13th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference: 
"This Changes Everything"
 in conjunction with the World Computer Congress, 19th-21st 
September 2018, Poznan, Poland.

Conference Chairs: David Kreps, Kai Kimppa, Louise Leenen, Charles Ess

Conference Theme - Track Chairs: David Kreps and Charles Ess

This Changes Everything. Many of us likely associate this phrase with 
Steve Jobs'™ introduction of the iPhone in 2007. But there are clearly 
other candidates for the â'This', e.g., the oncoming bioinformatics 
redesign of species or the fourth industrial revolution of artificially 
intelligent robots.  But 'This' is also, without question, the greatest 
challenge of our age: climate change.

Accordingly, the 13th Human Choice and Computers conference centers on 
the question: ICT and Climate Change - What Can We Do?
The Conference invites both academics and practitioners in the field of 
ICTs and Society to take stock of their engagements, review their focus, 
and assess what and how each and every one of us might be able to 
contribute to the transformations needed (and already beginning) in 
local, regional, national and international contexts, towards becoming 
the diverse, environmentally and socially conscious, and thriving 

We welcome submissions that speak directly and less directly to the 
conference theme. “This Changes Everything” implicates both climate 
change and the interrelated global challenges most central to the 
Working Groups of TC9 and its National Society representatives, 
including the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Submissions are also 
welcome, not just to the General Conference Track on change, but to the 
other foci of the Track Themes.  (For complete track descriptions, 
please see the extended CFP on the conference website, 
 http://www.hcc13.net .)

Track themes:
* Societal implications, effects and impacts of artificial intelligence 
- Track Chairs: Diane Whitehouse and Christopher Zielinski (WG9.2)

* Including critical issues beyond the ICT context in codes of 
conduct/ethics -Track Chairs: Kai Kimppa and Penny Duquenoy (SIG9.2.2)

* Our digital lives - Track Chairs: Petros Chamakiotis and Brad McKenna 

* This changed everything - Track Chair: Christopher Leslie (WG9.7)

* Gender in ICT - Track Chairs: Sisse Finken, Christina Mörtberg and 
Johanna Sefyrin (WG9.8)

* ICT and sustainability - Track Chairs: Thomas Lennerfors and Per Fors 

Climate risk, cyber-security, and the dark web - Track Chair: Louise 
Leenen (WG9.10)

* Privacy, data protection, and automation - Track Chair: Taro Komukai 
(Japan National Representative)

* ICT and an inclusive society - Track Chairs: Hossana Twinomurinzi and 
Jackie Phahlamohlaka (South Africa National Representative)


Full papers are invited that address the Conference Theme, or any of the 
above Track Themes. All papers will be subject to double-blind review. 
Authors of accepted papers will be invited to revise their work in 
keeping with reviewers' comments prior to formatting, and inclusion in 
the Programme and Proceedings.

Travel, accommodation and all other details will be posted when available at
http://www.hcc13.net/ and at http://wcc2018.put.poznan.pl
Submissions will be through Springer’s OCS Website (via hcc13.net), with 
proceedings published in the AICT Springer Book series immediately prior 
to the conference.

Important Dates

Full paper deadline 15th January 2018
Reviews and revisions during February, March and April, 2018.
Final Papers by 30th April, 2018.

World Computer Congress 17th-21st September 2018, Poznan, Poland. 


many thanks,
charles ess
Professor in Media Studies
Department of Media and Communication
University of Oslo

Editor, The Journal of Media Innovations

Postboks 1093
Blindern 0317
Oslo, Norway
c.m.ess at media.uio.no

        Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 18:14:34 +0000
        From: Angie Beiriger <beiriger at reed.edu>
        Subject: CFP extended: "Undergraduate Research in the Digital Age" conference at Reed College

Dear colleagues,

Share your experience supporting undergrad scholarship by submitting a proposal for the "Undergraduate Research in the Digital Age" conference. We welcome proposals from all perspectives, especially from collaborative teams. The deadline has been extended to November 6th.

"Collaborating to transform undergraduate research: evolving modes of scholarly practice in the digital age" will be held March 14-16, 2018 at Reed College in Portland, OR. This is the capstone event of a five-year project that focused on collaboration among faculty, librarians, and instructional technologists to better support students as they become researchers, and particularly as they engage with digital sources, tools, and methods.

For details on submissions or to read more about the conference, visit (http://www.reed.edu/e2s/conference/index.html). General registration will open in early December and travel scholarships are available.

Feel free to contact me with questions. Hope to see you in March!

Angie Beiriger

Angie Beiriger
Humanities and Digital Scholarship Librarian
Reed College
Portland, OR
beiriger at reed.edu<mailto:beiriger at reed.edu>

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