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        Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:30:10 +0000
        From: Arianna Ciula <ariannaciula at gmail.com>
        Subject: KDL and SUP Call for expressions of interest: your novel idea of publication

===== Call for expressions of interest: your novel idea of publication =====

[The text of this call is also available on the KDL website at

Stanford University Press (SUP - http://sup.org/) and King’s Digital Lab
(KDL, King’s College London - https://www.kdl.kcl.ac.uk/) invite
expressions of interest to propose ideas for a digital academic publication
blending cutting-edge technology with very high quality scholarship.

KDL and SUP wish to collaborate with interested researchers in developing a
scholarly product that achieves technical quality while benefitting, at the
same time, from robust archiving, and a responsible sustainability and
research data management plan.[1]

Expressions of interest should:

- Be innovative and experimental in proposing forms and formats for an
enhanced and engaging academic publication, taking advantage of the
affordances of the web while advancing complex arguments; [2]
- Fall within the Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences spectrum of
disciplines (multi or interdisciplinary foci are encouraged);
- Address an international audience; [3]
- Not be limited by a prescriptive use of technology (we will work with you
to identify the best approach).

Anybody affiliated - also temporarily - to an academic institution can
apply; proposals from early career researchers are welcome.

This call encourages forward thinking proposals that seek to deploy cutting
edge technology to enlarge our conception of the monograph form and
associated issues of research data management and sustainability. King’s
Digital Lab and Stanford University Press encourage expansive (high risk)
ideas that blend quality scholarship with advanced technologies and best in
class design principles.

*** Selection and follow up process ***

The call welcomes experimental and technology-agnostic ideas which will be
reviewed and, if deemed promising, selected by an ad hoc committee
including but not limited to key KDL and SUP staff.

While funding is not immediately available to develop expressions of
interest into fully-fledged products, KDL and SUP will work with the
selected candidate/s to seek funding for the winning idea/s to be realised.
Once funding is secured, and pending approval by SUP's peer review process,
the selected publication will be developed in collaboration with KDL and
SUP staff. The final product would bear the SUP imprint. The ultimate aim
of this experimental call is to expand towards a dedicated series.

*** How to apply and schedule ***

Ideas should be submitted by 8th of January 2018 using this online form:

Successful candidate/s, if any, will be notified by 8th of February 2018.
After this date, feasibility of the proposal will be further discussed with
KDL staff so as to initiate the co-writing of a funding application in
collaboration with SUP and the winning candidate/s.

Dr Arianna Ciula
Deputy Director and Senior Analyst | King’s Digital Laboratory | King's
College London | Virginia Woolf Building Room 2.50 | 22 Kingsway | London
DDI: +44 (0)20 7848 7486
https://www.kdl.kcl.ac.uk | @kingsdigitallab


1. See SUP guidelines (http://sup.org/digital/authors/current/) and KDL
approach (https://www.kdl.kcl.ac.uk/how-we-work/why-work-us/).
2. See a recent report reflecting on the academic book of the future as
part of a project with King’s College London as one of the partners:
3. While SUP can support publications that incorporate other languages, it
is specialized in English-language publications.

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